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The Three Standard Ukulele Sizes

Unlike most instruments in the guitar family, ukuleles come in a number of different sizes. The three regular sizes of ukulele are soprano, concert, and [more…]

Anatomy of a Ukulele

Ukuleles are usually shaped like small guitars, but other shapes are also common (the pineapple shape is popular). The shape of the ukulele doesn’t usually make a great deal of difference to the sound, [more…]

The Different Ways to Tune a Ukulele

Ukulele tunings have changed over time, and plenty of variety still exists, with different players using different tunings for their ukuleles. The note a string plays [more…]

How to Tune a Ukulele

You can use a number of different ways to tune your ukulele, depending on what you have available and who you’re playing with. When you play alone, you only have to be in tune with yourself. When you play [more…]

How to Fret Your Ukulele

To actually play your ukulele, you need to press down on the strings to produce different notes — a procedure called fretting. When you hold down a string, you make it shorter and therefore higher in pitch [more…]

How to Read a Ukulele Chord Diagram

Luckily, you don’t need to be able to read music to play your ukulele — you can play chords just by looking at the pictures. A chord diagram shows you exactly which finger you need to put where in order [more…]

Playing Your Ukulele Using Strumming Notation

After you master the basics of playing your ukulele, you’re going to want to fancy things up a bit with some strumming. Like chord diagrams, strumming notation [more…]

Tips for Improving Your Ukulele Playing

The number-one tip, and the only sure-fire way, to improve your ukulele playing is to practice. Put in the hours on your ukulele. To get the most from your practice time, keep yourself motivated, and build [more…]

Considering an Electric Ukulele

Electric ukuleles are useful for two very different occasions: when you want to play very loud and when you want to play very quietly. Electric ukuleles come in two types: [more…]

Buying a Ukulele

Buying a ukulele in a shop used to be a very dispiriting experience. You’d see walls packed with guitars and a couple of ukuleles collecting dust in the corner. Fortunately, that situation is slowly changing [more…]

Ukulele Brands

Many ukuleles are made by companies that specialize in ukes, although some ukulele manufacturers also produce other string instruments, such as guitars. Some of the most popular makes and manufacturers [more…]

Accessories for Your Ukulele

The extras you can buy for your ukulele range from the very useful to handy non-essentials to indulgently expensive. Once you get hooked on playing ukulele, you'll find yourself considering these accessories [more…]

Tune Your Ukulele to an Audio Clip

The wonders of modern technology provide an opportunity to tune your ukulele to an audio clip on the Internet. For the basic and popular gCEA ukulele tuning, play [more…]

How to Read Ukulele Strumming Notation

Strumming, or playing each note in a chord quickly in rhythm, is a way to make your ukulele more interesting to play and to listen to. There’s no right way to strum any particular song, but make sure that [more…]

How to Read Ukulele Tablature

Standard notation is useful because it’s universal and remains the same for every instrument, including the ukulele. However, notation is quite tricky to read, and for instruments where you can play the [more…]

How to Tune Your Ukulele with an Electronic Tuner

Using an electronic tuner is by far the easiest way to tune your ukulele. If you’re just starting out with the ukulele, use a tuner. You can branch out into other tuning methods as you become more experienced [more…]

How to Hold Your Ukulele for Playing

The way you hold a ukulele is a vitally important part of making it sound good. The uke is such a small instrument that choking all the sound out of it is all too easy. A general guideline for holding [more…]

What to Consider When Buying Your First Ukulele

With all the different sizes and brands available, choosing your first ukulele can be a bit daunting; but you need to put some thought into this important choice. Without a decent ukulele, you won’t get [more…]

Stretching the Strings on a Ukulele

New ukulele strings need to be stretched prior to tuning. Learn and master the technique, so you'll have perfect strings every time. [more…]

Holding a Ukulele

Holding your ukulele correctly allows you to get more resonance and amplification from the instrument. [more…]

Getting Your Ukulele in Tune with a Digital Tuner

Playing your ukulele successfully starts with tuning. Learn how to use a digital tuner, and get strumming. [more…]

How to Tune a Ukulele to Itself by Ear

If you don't have a tuner handy, don't worry! You can tune a ukulele to itself by ear. A tuned instrument is the first step to playing well. [more…]

Simple Ukulele Picking Patterns

On ukulele things start simply and build slowly. Start with a C chord and simple finger picking, add a chord progression around it, and soon it builds to complex tunes. [more…]

Ukulele Basics: How to Play a Simple Melody

Discover proper ukulele fret and strumming hand placements, that make playing simple melodies a breeze. [more…]

Ukulele Basics: Getting to Grips with Simultaneous Picking

Simultaneous picking on ukulele is plucking 2 or more strings at the same time. Similar to picking patterns on ukulele, simultaneous picking is easy enough once you practice and opens your repertoire to [more…]

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