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Acting Your Song: Character Motivation

Before singing a song, you want to know a few things. You want to know what happened just before this song to motivate your character to sing and say the words. Why does your character sing, and how does [more…]

Where to Focus when Performing Your Song

When singing a song, you can sometimes focus on one spot and sometimes have to look around. Knowing the story of your song helps you understand the type of song that you’re singing, and this understanding [more…]

Performing Your Song: Gesturing Appropriately

The big question beginning singers ask is what to do with their hands. Well, what do you do with your hands as you speak? If your hands normally move when you speak, you may feel stiff if they remain frozen [more…]

Performing Your Song: Movin’ and Groovin’

When you sing for an audience, the movements you make around a stage or around the room need to enhance your singing and the story. Being able to move and sing is important, yet starting small is best. [more…]

Singing in a Foreign Language

Singing a song in another language doesn’t let you off the hook with your responsibilities as an actor. You want to know exactly what’s happening in each phrase so you can deliver each word with conviction [more…]

Singing: Why Your Voice Cracks and How to Deal with It

Voice cracking happens when the singing muscles stop working properly just long enough for the sound to stop. Maintaining a steady flow of air, especially on high notes, helps prevent the voice crack. [more…]

Evaluating Your Singing Performance

Progress happens because of each step you take. After every singing performance, look at how you did and how you felt. Because everything in your life affects your singing, decide what steps worked well [more…]

Tailoring Your Singing Audition for the Musical Theatre

In musical theater, you need to switch your style of singing with ease. Right after you sing your lovely head voice selection, such as “I Could Have Danced All Night” from [more…]

Tailoring Your Singing Audition for the Club Environment

If you’re a jazz, country, pop-rock, or R&B singer, you may want to audition for gigs in clubs. If you have a chance to audition for a local bar or nightclub [more…]

Tailoring Your Singing Audition for Television

Auditioning for television is thrilling, but it may feel like a different world if you’ve performed only in small theaters or the church choir. Here are some basic guidelines for auditioning your song [more…]

Choosing Audition Songs to Highlight Your Strengths

Choosing songs to practice is different than choosing songs for an audition. You want to practice songs that expand and challenge your vocal technique. But songs for the audition need to highlight your [more…]

Showing Versatility at Your Singing Audition

Yes, variety is the spice of life, and your choice of songs should offer variety. A little variety gives you an opportunity to show off a well-balanced set of skills. Song number one can be a song that [more…]

Connecting with Your Audience through the Song Lyrics

You can’t choose a song just because you sing it well. If you just sing it well, you can sell a recording instead of asking an audience to watch you sing it. When you find a song that you sing really well [more…]

Avoiding the Wrong Audition Song

Picking songs for your audition that highlight your talent is a fundamental task to success. It’s the wrong audition song if one of these conditions applies: [more…]

Preparing the Music for Your Audition

Preparing music for auditions is a tricky game. Notebook preparation is a big part of your audition success. If your music is easy to read and the accompanist plays it well, your audition will run smoothly [more…]

Choosing the Key for Your Audition Song

When preparing for your audition try to find the song in the key that you want to sing it in. If you sing a song that’s in the wrong key, you may end up sounding more like Kermit the Frog than Kelly Clarkson [more…]

Making the Singing Audition Cut

In the beginning of your audition quest, you may not have the opportunity to sing your entire song. For each song that you plan to sing at your audition, choose 16 bars or 8 bars [more…]

Singing Audition Preparation: Rehearsing with an Accompanist

Hearing a pianist play your song or aria before you take it to an audition is important. If you don’t read music, this is even more important. You may erroneously assume that your song is the exact same [more…]

Improving Your Singing Technique by Backing into Phrases

A good way to improve your technique is to work the phrases backward. No, don’t try to sing your song backward — just work from the last phrase you find difficult and gradually add the preceding phrases [more…]

Tapping Out the Rhythm of a Song

Even if you don’t read music well, you can tap out the rhythms. Just look at the rhythms on the page and try to tap them out without worrying about words or speed. The first time you try, it may be difficult [more…]

Singing: Overcome Performance Anxiety by Forming a Game Plan

For every singing performance, make a plan of action for success. Assuming that you’re going to succeed means that you will. Assuming that you’re going to fail is the same as giving in to those voices [more…]

Singing: Overcome Performance Anxiety through Preparation

For singers, the biggest key to overcoming alleviating anxiety is preparation. Preparing isn’t the same as overpracticing or aiming for perfection. Overpracticing is practicing so much that you lose sight [more…]

Singing: Overcome Performance Anxiety by Managing Your Thoughts

It's showtime, and the prospect of singing during your performance is making you anxious. That stress brings negative thoughts into your head: Will I forget the words? Will my voice crack? All that anxiety [more…]

Singing: Overcome Performance Anxiety about Your Audience

Your anxious thoughts and fears may turn to the audience whenever you become concerned about what they think of you and your singing. You can’t get rid of the audience; after all, an audience is a necessity [more…]

Singing: Overcome Performance Anxiety by Building Concentration and Focus

Concentration and focus can ease your anxieties when it's time to sing during a performance. Have you ever been so focused on a task were startled when someone came up behind you? Having this type of focus [more…]


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