Getting Started with Singing

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Breathing for Singing: Flexing the Ribs

You don’t have to remember the number of ribs to understand their role in breathing for singing. You do want to remember that the top of your rib cage has more movement from front to back in your body [more…]

Improving Singing Tone by Releasing Tension in Neck and Jaw

A loose jaw and flexible tongue is important to good singing. The tighter your jaw, the tighter the sound — and the tighter your tongue, the more difficult it is to make your song understood. Become aware [more…]

Improving Singing Tone by Relaxing the Tongue

To create great tone, your tongue needs to be just as released as the rest of your body while you sing. The tongue is a huge muscle, and if it’s tense or bunched up in the back, it blocks the tone or squeezes [more…]


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