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Acting at Your Singing Audition

Acting while singing is a must. Your acting preparation of your song needs to be as detailed as your musical preparation of the audition. You want your audience to watch you during your audition, and if [more…]

How are an Accompanist, a Coach, and a Voice Teacher Different?

Three specialists can help you prepare your song or help you with singing technique. They have different skills and strengths; read on to figure out which one is right for you: [more…]

Why You Can’t Eat Ice Cream Before Singing

Generally, singers should avoid consuming ice cream and other dairy products before singing. Dairy foods cause phlegm and mucus to build up. That mucus is thick and makes you want to clear your throat. [more…]

How Long It Will Take You to Learn to Sing

How long it will take to learn to sing is a great question — and there is no blanket answer. If you know nothing about singing, you’ll start to hear improvement after a few weeks of consistent practice [more…]

Identifying Everyday Abuses to Your Singing Voice

Your singing voice is subject to many threats everyday. Be sure to recognize potential abuses to your voice and throat, and keep them at bay before a big performance. The following list shows just some [more…]

Incorporating Healthy Speech into Your Singing

Your speaking voice directly affects your singing. By taking good care of your voice while speaking, you ensure better health for your singing voice. Try making your speaking habits more healthy with these [more…]

Singing Voice Health: Knowing When to Seek Help

Being tired after a long singing rehearsal or after a series of rehearsals is normal. But a problem may be brewing if your voice isn’t returning to normal and you’re having trouble singing. [more…]

Tips for Maintaining Vocal Health

Long-term vocal abuse — any activity that causes strain on your voice and impairs your vocal health — can change the quality of your singing. And your voice may not always be able to repair itself. Although [more…]

Your Vocal Health: Preventing a Sore Throat or Infection

A great way to keep all those germs out of your body and away from affecting your singing voice is to keep your hands washed and away from your face. Your mom told you to wash your hands — listen to her [more…]

Your Vocal Health: Medicating a Sore Throat

It’s going to happen sometime. You are going to catch that cold or sore throat which affects your singing, and you have to know how to deal with it. Use this advice for when your throat feels scratchy: [more…]

Performing Like a Singing Pro: Rehearsing

Even if you’re a seasoned singing pro and you’ve been practicing on your own for years, you should have at least one dress rehearsal and several more practice rehearsals before a performance. At the first [more…]

Singing: What to Wear for a Performance

You may not have much choice in what you wear when you perform if you’re singing in, say, a musical theater production. The director usually decides for you, and costumes are made to fit. But if you’re [more…]

Performing Like a Singing Pro: Working with a Piano, Organ, or Band

Singing with an organ is different from singing with a piano and working with a band is entirely different from either instrument. The source and quality of the sound varies across accompaniment type and [more…]

Performing Like a Singing Pro: Making Your Entrance

As a singer, when you enter the stage from a doorway or wing, look at the audience and smile. You appear far more confident if you look straight at your audience as you walk across the stage. Practicing [more…]

Performing Like a Singing Pro: Audience Concerns

When singing in a concert, knowing whether to acknowledge your audience or stick to your own little world is tricky. You can’t always sing intimate songs in an intimate locale, but you can imagine being [more…]

Performing Like a Singing Pro: Distractions

In a normal concert, people cough, enter late, or leave right in the middle of your song. People in the audience don’t think about how it distracts the performer. When you practice at home, you may want [more…]

Performing Like a Singing Pro: Handling Those Hands

Keeping your hands at your sides during a singing performance is safest. It may not be the most interesting place for them, but you won’t go too wrong by erring on the side of calm and still. If you choose [more…]

Performing Like a Singing Pro: Using the Microphone

Microphones (mics, for short; pronounced like the name Mike) can be secured on a stand, held by hand, set on the floor, or hooked onto your body. Knowing how to handle this bundle of electronic wizardry [more…]

A “Hum”able Vocal Warm-Up

Always kick off a practice session by warming up your voice for 10 to 20 minutes. Select a vocal exercise that starts in the part of your voice that’s easy to sing. Sing the warm-up exercise softly at [more…]

How to Develop Breath Control with the Help of a Familiar Song

Singers work on breath control — controlling the flow of air as they sing — so they can manage singing short and long phrases in songs. Practice controlling your breathing by first singing shorter phrases [more…]

A Vocal Resonance Exercise

When you sing, your voice echoes, creating vibrations throughout your head and chest. This echoing of tone is called resonance. Knowing how to change the resonance of your singing voice allows you to make [more…]

Singing Exercises For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The best way to become a better singer is to work on singing exercises that help you improve your tone and technique. These exercises can range from simple vocal warm-ups to drills that help you build [more…]


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