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Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Recording music at home means you play several roles — producer, mixer, and probably musician, too. Be sharp by knowing recording-studio lingo and how to get [more…]

Tapping a Live Mixer to Record Your Show

Live recordings are always fan favorites, and if your band plays live shows, recording them can be easy. One of the great things about recording a live performance is that you can spend a lot less time [more…]

Re-amping to Enhance Your Tracks

Sometimes you want to change tracks that you already recorded. The most common way to do this is by EQing, or adding effects in your recording software as you mix. However, other times you may want to [more…]

Organize Your Songs with Track Sheets

Track sheets help you organize your songs and document your recording process. They allow you to return to a song that you started (or even finished) earlier and be able to get up to speed on it quickly [more…]

Create Alternate Mixes of Your Songs

Mixing is an art, and there is no one way to mix a song. Digital recording lets you take the time you want and allows you to create as many mixes as you want without worrying about messing up the sound [more…]

10 Innovative Indie Musician Ideas

The Internet and digital music formats have opened countless doors for enterprising musicians. Here are ten innovative ways indie musicians and recordists have capitalized on the new technology in making [more…]

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