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PC Recording Studios: 3 Tips for Improving Performance

Computer-based recording systems can be finicky, whether Mac- or Windows-based. Be diligent about taking basic precautions in your studio so your PC recording system doesn't become sluggish and, eventually [more…]

5 Ways to Place Microphones for Great Sound Recording

Part of running a great computer-based recording studio is making sure you get great sound from a microphone (or mic, for short). To do this, you need to use the best mic for the application and place [more…]

Android Home Recording Options

Android is, by far, the most popular mobile platform for home recordists. However, it’s pretty slim on apps and hardware that can be used for music composing, recording, editing, or mixing. That said, [more…]

Apple iOS Home Recording Hardware Options

You can record music on your Apple device. Apple was the first company to make apps available for mobile users, and with its head start, it has managed to provide a fairly broad selection of hardware that [more…]

Apple iOS Home Recording App Options

You can use your iPhone or iPad to record your own music. Because Apple was the first company to offer apps to mobile users, there are several options available for software that will help you with your [more…]

Windows Mobile Home Recording Options

Windows 8 is the newcomer to the mobile world and, as such, currently offers the most limited variety of options for home recording. In fact, you won’t yet find any audio interface hardware that is compatible [more…]

Microphone Overview: Ribbon Type

A ribbon microphone produces its sound in much the same way as a dynamic mic. The diaphragm is suspended between two magnets. The ribbon mic differs from the dynamic mic in that it uses a thin ribbon of [more…]

What Type of Drum Set Should You Buy for Your Home Studio?

You may eventually feel that you need a drum set as part of your home recording studio. If you want to buy a drum set for your home studio, here are some guidelines: [more…]

Miking Hand Drums

Recording your own music means finding the best way to use your microphone with each instrument. Hand drums can be anything from the familiar conga to unusual drums, such as the North African tar. Because [more…]

How to Perfect Percussion Miking

Any good home recording makes the best use of the microphone as possible. Miscellaneous percussion instruments, such as shakers and triangles, are nice additions to many styles of music. These instruments [more…]

How to Connect Your Effects Processor

For an effects processor to work on your sound source, you need to connect the processor properly. Regardless of the type of signal processor or recording system you’re using, you have the option of connecting [more…]

Which CD-R Brand Should You Buy for Your Home Recordings?

A staggering variety of CD-Rs are available for your home recording needs. You have silver, white, green, blue, gold, even black CDs, and you have data and music CDs. So, which ones are best? Well, that [more…]

How to Record a CD on a Computer-Based System

If you’re using a computer-based system, recording a CD is as simple as opening your software and following the program’s directions for making a CD. Some systems, such as computer-based programs, allow [more…]

How to Record a CD with Studio-in-a-Box Systems

Since SIAB systems rarely contain a CD recorder as one of their recording options, you will likely need to transfer your mixed files into a computer in order to burn your files to CD. Here’s an overview [more…]

How to Record with a Stand-Alone CD Recorder

A variety of stand-alone CD recorders are available for your home recording needs, and they all work differently. Some record the CD the same way that a cassette player records — you connect the input [more…]

How to Record a CD-R for Mass Production

You will want to know if you plan to mass produce your home recordings in advance. If you intend to send your CD-R to a duplication or replication company to have it mass produced, keep the following suggestions [more…]

How to Create MP3 Files of Your Home Recordings

To create MP3 files, you need MP3 encoding software and a CD or audio file of your home recording (well, you need a computer, too). To create an MP3 file of your music, just choose the song to convert [more…]

How to Make a Vinyl Copy of Your Home Recording

Want to put your home recording on vinyl? There is a trend for musicians to create compelling packaging to try to entice listeners into buying a physical product rather than just taking a free download [more…]


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