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Equipment and Software for Recording Music

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Re-recording Part of a GarageBand Track on a Mac

When needed, you can re-record part of a GarageBand composition until you feel it’s just right. Re-record a section of any GarageBand track when you need to replace it, and fix any flubs or mistakes. [more…]

Groove Matching and Flex Time in Mac’s GarageBand ‘11

Improve the rhythm and sound of your Mac’s GarageBand recordings with the Groove Matching and Flex Time features. If your GarageBand recording has a few notes that are mistimed, or held too long or too [more…]

How to Add a New Track in Mac’s GarageBand

You record the separate parts of a GarageBand recording on tracks. Each instrument in a GarageBand recording is laid down on a different track, which allows you to control its volume, rhythm, and other [more…]

PC Recording Studios: 3 Tips for Improving Performance

Computer-based recording systems can be finicky, whether Mac- or Windows-based. Be diligent about taking basic precautions in your studio so your PC recording system doesn't become sluggish and, eventually [more…]

5 Ways to Place Microphones for Great Sound Recording

Part of running a great computer-based recording studio is making sure you get great sound from a microphone (or mic, for short). To do this, you need to use the best mic for the application and place [more…]


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