Basics of Recording Music

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Detailing Your Home Recording Digital Options

Even with the fast pace of today’s technology, one thing is for sure in the home recording world: Digital is here to stay. Digital recording has become the standard for home recordists and most commercial [more…]

Home Recording Essentials

Whether it’s a $100 porta-studio or a million-dollar commercial facility, all recording studios contain the same basic components.. To take the mystery out of recording gear, here are the essentials that [more…]

Home Recording Process Basics

The heart of home recording over the last 30 years or so has been an approach called multitracking. At its core, multitracking involves recording all the instruments on separate tracks so that you can [more…]

Distribution and Sales of Your Music

Formatting your finished and mastered songs for distribution and sales is one of the most exciting parts of the recording process. At last, you have a product, a complete musical statement that you can [more…]

Establishing a Home Recording Studio

For many people, building a home studio is a gradual thing. You may start out with a synthesizer and a two-track recorder and add a microphone. Then you may decide to buy a multitrack recorder. Then you [more…]

Determining Your Home Studio Needs

Whatever your budget, your first step before purchasing a home recording system is to determine your recording goals. Use the following questions to help you uncover what you truly need [more…]

Stand-alone Home Music Recorders

The first affordable stand-alone home music digital recorder to hit the market was the Alesis ADAT (which stands for Alesis Digital Audio Tape) in 1992. This machine revolutionized home recording, making [more…]

Web Resources for Digital Music Makers

The Internet offers all kinds of info for digital music composers. The sites listed here are just a small sample of the educational journals, independent music distributors, professional music forums, [more…]

PC Recording Studios: Elements of a Full-Featured Mixer

Mixing is one of the essential elements of all audio recording programs. Mixing is the ability to blend your individual tracks together into a single pair of stereo tracks. Simple mixers let you control [more…]

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