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Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Recording music at home means you play several roles — producer, mixer, and probably musician, too. Be sharp by knowing recording-studio lingo and how to get [more…]

Detailing Your Home Recording Digital Options

Even with the fast pace of today’s technology, one thing is for sure in the home recording world: Digital is here to stay. Digital recording has become the standard for home recordists and most commercial [more…]

The Right Computer Setup for Home Recording

No matter which computer platform you choose , the stuff that you find inside your computer plays a major role in determining how smoothly (or how less-than-smoothly) your Digital Audio Workstation [more…]

Home Recording Audio Interface Basics

You will need the appropriate hardware to transfer recorded sound into and out of your computer. This requires a device called an audio interface. Audio interfaces are available with three types of connection [more…]

Home Recording PCI Audio Interfaces

PCI is the old standard for getting audio into and out of a computer and has an advantage over the other interface types because of the fast transfer speed of PCI technology. This type of interface isn’t [more…]

Home Recording FireWire Interfaces

FireWire interfaces connect to the FireWire port in your computer. FireWire ports come in two varieties: FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 are inexpensive and are available on laptop computers as well as desktops [more…]

Home Recording USB Interfaces

USB interfaces for home recording come in two varieties: those using USB 1.1 and those using USB 2.0 (and before too long, USB 3). These are handy because most computers have at least one USB port. These [more…]

The Right Home Recording Software

When setting up a home recording system, you should always start by exploring the software you want to use. Whatever program you decide to use will work better on one type of computer compared to another [more…]

Researching Home Recording Software Programs

If you already own a computer and you want audio-recording or sequencing software to go with it, do the following research on the software that interests you: [more…]

Popular Home Music Recording Software Programs

When setting up a recording system, it's important to begin by exploring the music software you want to use You can choose from numerous music-production software programs, including the ones in the following [more…]

Studio-in-a-Box Home Recording Software Systems

Integrated mixers/recorders/effects processors, studio-in-a-boxes, were once quite common (computer-based systems have over-taken them in the last few years). Cassette porta-studios, first introduced in [more…]

Popular Studio-in-a-Box (SIAB) Home Recording Systems

Many of the major recording manufacturers make studio-in-a-box (SIAB) systems which are useful to the home recordist. Check out these companies and compare the specifications of each unit: [more…]

Home Recording Essentials

Whether it’s a $100 porta-studio or a million-dollar commercial facility, all recording studios contain the same basic components.. To take the mystery out of recording gear, here are the essentials that [more…]

Home Recording System Types

You may think that you need to spend a ton of money to get everything you need to set up a home recording system. Fortunately, a lot of home-recording systems are available that contain many of the components [more…]

Home Recording Process Basics

The heart of home recording over the last 30 years or so has been an approach called multitracking. At its core, multitracking involves recording all the instruments on separate tracks so that you can [more…]

Making Sense of Sound Mixing

For most home recordists, the process of sound mixing is what turns their mish-mash of musical tracks into a song. Mixing involves the following steps: [more…]

Mastering Home Recording Mixes

Mastering is an often-misunderstood (and even unknown to many) part of the music production process that can make or break a CD (well, not literally). Mastering consists of several important steps that [more…]

Distribution and Sales of Your Music

Formatting your finished and mastered songs for distribution and sales is one of the most exciting parts of the recording process. At last, you have a product, a complete musical statement that you can [more…]

Establishing a Home Recording Studio

For many people, building a home studio is a gradual thing. You may start out with a synthesizer and a two-track recorder and add a microphone. Then you may decide to buy a multitrack recorder. Then you [more…]

Mac or PC for Home Recording

Whether to buy a Mac or PC is a hotly debated topic among home recordists. Most professional studios used to favor Macintosh computers for recording audio. PCs were thought to have too many bugs to work [more…]

Determining Your Home Studio Needs

Whatever your budget, your first step before purchasing a home recording system is to determine your recording goals. Use the following questions to help you uncover what you truly need [more…]

Efficient Home Recording Studio Setup

One important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be comfortable in your home recording studio. Get a good chair and set up your workstation to be as easy to get around as possible. The first illustration [more…]

Portable Home Music Recorders

Many home music recording systems can be portable, but if portability is your main concern, then you can choose from a few really cool options, including the following: [more…]

Stand-alone Home Music Recorders

The first affordable stand-alone home music digital recorder to hit the market was the Alesis ADAT (which stands for Alesis Digital Audio Tape) in 1992. This machine revolutionized home recording, making [more…]

Analog Home Recording Systems

So you find that you gotta have that analog sound for your home recording systems, but you don’t want to (or can’t) deal with the expense of a complete analog system. Well, you’re in luck! You, too, can [more…]

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