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How to Make the Most of Your Keyboard’s Basic Features

Your keyboard is brimming with features and cool capabilities, like any self-respecting tech product these days is. You can just turn on your keyboard and start playing, and you’ll have a great time. But [more…]

Advanced Digital Features of Keyboards

Many of the keyboards have pretty advanced features — some that you would’ve thought you needed a computer to do. Keyboards now commonly include some form of recording so that you can play and then listen [more…]

Key Feel and Response of Keyboards

The design, feel, and touch of the key mechanism (commonly called the key action) used on modern keyboards can vary a great deal. Understanding how key actions work and what each offers can help you differentiate [more…]

When to Use a Real Acoustic Piano Instead of a Keyboard

The acoustic piano is a highly evolved, complex mechanical thing that is beloved in every culture. As good as digital keyboard equivalents have become, a few aspects of the originals remain out of reach [more…]

How to Choose a Keyboard for the Beginner

Being a beginner isn’t easy. Maybe you never took a lesson or even touched a keyboard except for using the one on your computer to send a few e-mails and post pictures of your cat. Now you want to start [more…]

How to Purchase a Keyboard for a Child

A keyboard is a great gift for a child! When considering what keyboard to buy for a child, There are a few common scenarios to help guide your choice of purchase: [more…]

How to Choose the Right Spot for your Keyboard

When the time comes to settle your keyboard into its new home, you may not have a lot of location choices; if you have a small home or apartment, your options may be limited. With a little forethought [more…]

How to Inspect the Keyboard Checklist

Your keyboard comes wrapped in some type of plastic bag or material and has molded foam end caps on both ends to protect it and hold it in place in the box. Be sure you have received all needed pieces [more…]

How to Set Up Your Keyboard

Any stand you use with your keyboard probably requires some assembly. But if you’re working with a home digital piano or very large arranger keyboard that comes with a custom stand as part of the package [more…]

How to Connect your Keyboard to your Home Stereo

Why wouldn’t you want to share your keyboard playing with your entire house via home stereo? All home stereo systems include some form of additional input, usually labeled as an aux or auxiliary input [more…]

How to Use Headphones with your Keyboard

Perhaps your keyboard doesn’t have onboard speakers, or you just want to enjoy some private practice time. Every electronic keyboard offers a headphone output for that purpose. [more…]

What Beginners Should Know about Pianos and Keyboards

There’s nothing wrong with recognizing that you’re a beginner when it comes to playing the piano. Perhaps you took a few lessons many years ago and have now decided you want to get back to the joy of making [more…]

How to Use the Pedals on a Piano or Keyboard

If you are planning to learn the intricacies of piano or keyboard, the pedals come in handy for developing your own unique sound. The information here gives you the basics on how to use the pedals on your [more…]

How to Pick the Perfect Acoustic Piano

If your pro and con list reveals that an acoustic piano suits your needs best or you have decided that you can’t live without one, the following may help select the right model piano for you. [more…]

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