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Piano For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Learning to play the piano takes a lot of practice. For that practice to be productive, though, you need to make sure your hands are in the right place to get the notes you want and that you correctly [more…]

Rhythm Proficiency for Piano Playing: Rhythmic Boot Camp

When playing a piece on the piano, you sometimes may be tempted to gloss over rhythmic values that look unfamiliar. Rhythmic values basically form the backbone of a piece of music. Ignoring them can have [more…]

Having Fun with Modes When Playing Piano

In music, the term mode can refer to a number of different things, but most commonly it describes the different collections of notes found within the major scale, each with a distinctive flavor. Each major [more…]

Arpeggios: When a Broken Chord Is Okay

Arpeggios are very useful tools, to say the least. These broken chords, in which the notes are played one after the other rather than all at once, can be used for everything from warm-up exercises to accompaniment [more…]

10 Additional Tips for the Best Practice Sessions

Most musicians at some point find themselves in a rut in their practice sessions. If you've reached this point on the piano, don't despair. You can reinvigorate your sessions with some fresh approaches [more…]

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