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Pros and Cons of Acoustic Keyboards

Psalteries, virginals, clavichords, and harmoniums are acoustic keyboards. Honestly, you don’t need a list of pros and cons for these very rare instruments. If you find one and can’t live without it, go [more…]

Pros and Cons of Digital Keyboards

You can rent some digital keyboards, but not all. Some of the fancier models are mostly for sale only, although you may find a used one in good condition. On the other hand, plenty of stores offer a rental [more…]

Should I Buy a Hybrid Keyboard?

They combine the best of both worlds! They offer unmatched versatility! They cost a million dollars! Well, not that much, but hybrid acoustic/digital keyboards are expensive. If the idea of a hybrid interests [more…]

How to Select a Digital Keyboard That Lasts

After much deliberation, and for whatever reasons, you decide to buy a digital keyboard over an acoustic one. Think your job is done? Not so fast, pal. Now you must decide what [more…]

How to Connect Your Digital Keyboard to External Speakers and Amps

If your keyboard doesn’t have onboard speakers and you want to share your playing with others, you can connect your instrument to a number of different devices or speakers. The main requirement is that [more…]

How to Solve Minor Technical Problems on Your Digital Keyboard

As with any electronic device, sometimes things go wrong with a keyboard. It may show funny symbols in its display, lock up or freeze, or simply not make sound. Perhaps you’re just not sure how to do something [more…]

Which Brand of Digital Keyboard Should I Buy?

When you have a good idea of which type of digital keyboard fits your needs, you’re ready for some recommendations. This information recommends several top brands and models to help you narrow the search [more…]

How to Choose Keyboard Effects for Each Type of Sound

Certain instrument and effect combinations on the keyboard are matches made in rock-and-roll heaven! Some are commonly used based on musical genre (funk and wah-wah, for example), and others are associated [more…]

How to Select a Drum Pattern on Your Keyboard

An instrument with drums always has a beat ready to go; you don’t have to dig through a bunch of menu options on your keyboard or anything special to hear them. Locate and press the Start/Stop or Play [more…]

How to Play Your Keyboard with Accompaniment

The concept of using auto-accompaniment is simple: You play some notes on the lower range of your keyboard, and that tells the system to start playing some backing music in the key you gave it. You choose [more…]

How to Use Auto Harmony and Chord Pads on the Keyboard

How can you expand your keyboard music with features already included? Modern arrangers have a number of other cool features that help your playing sound fuller and fancier without any extra work on your [more…]

How to Match Sounds and Arp Patterns on the Keyboard

No keyboard law defines what sounds you can and can’t arpeggiate; feel free to experiment away! That said, here are some tips and practical advice for matching sounds and arp patterns: [more…]

How to Add Fun Sound and Effects Tweaks on the Keyboard

Sometimes just finding the right arp pattern, sound, and chord(s) on your keyboard is enough for a song. Mix it well, and you’ll be happy. But often arpeggiated parts get to sound a bit static and predictable [more…]

How to Do a One-Pass Recording on the Keyboard

The most basic form of recording is to capture a keyboard performance as it happens. Whether it’s one person playing solo on a single instrument, a small group, the playback of your electronic keyboard [more…]

How to Record Multitrack MIDI on the Keyboard

If you want to record more than one sound via MIDI, you need to use the full sequencer of your keyboard. Perhaps you want to record your keyboard playing along with an accompanying drum groove or record [more…]

How to Mix Your MIDI Song on the Keyboard

After you’ve recorded all the parts you want and are happy with the keyboard performances, it’s time to mix your song. Mixing is the act of adjusting the blend of sounds and parts in a song to make them [more…]

How to Edit Your Keyboard Song by Varying the Basic Timbre (Waveform)

It’s difficult to have the perfect song any time around. Most musicians feel it’s necessary to do some editing. The fastest way to create a new sound is to simply change the waveform of an existing sound [more…]

How to Edit Your Keyboard Song by Changing the Brightness (Filter)

This common keyboard sound tweak is sometimes just a small adjustment to darken or brighten a sound; that can be all you need to go from “not quite” to “perfect.” For example, this edit is the first thing [more…]

How to Edit Your Keyboard Song by Adjusting the Amp Parameters (Volume Over Time)

Changing the attack and release of a keyboard sound is another common, very effective tweak to make. Many good sounds that have some release after you let go of the key can sound sloppy when you’re playing [more…]

How to Edit Your Keyboard Song by Personalizing the Touch Response of a Sound

A common issue among owners of keyboards is liking a sound though it still doesn’t “feel” right to them. It gets loud too easily or is too hard to control when playing quietly. Playing harder and softer [more…]

How to Use the Built-In Songs on Your Keyboard

Most electronic keyboards have some built-in demo songs, which the store uses to show off the instrument’s sounds and sonic capabilities. But this class of portable keyboards, along with many digital pianos [more…]

How to Connect an Audio Device to Your Keyboard to Hear Both Together

To play keyboard alongside your favorite song, of course, that song has to be playing on something. Many electronic keyboards have inputs for plugging another device [more…]

How to Use Software to Enhance Your Keyboard Music-Making

Every keyboard made since the mid-’80s has a connection on the back called MIDI, which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This round jack with five pin connections revolutionized keyboard [more…]

How to Connect Your Musical Keyboard to an iPad

The Apple iPad has a growing number of music applications available and is becoming a favorite tool and toy for keyboard players and musicians around the world. To connect your MIDI keyboard to it, you [more…]

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