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Keyboard For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Playing keyboards takes you on a journey that goes far beyond just playing the music. You have to keep up on a lot of tech talk and sift through a wide variety of gear and manufacturers. [more…]

Taking Chords to the Next Level

Put a few keyboard notes together and you have a chord.Basic chords (called triads) are built on three notes: the root (the name of the chord), the third, and the fifth. These names refer to the note's [more…]

The General MIDI, or GM, Sound Set

MIDI is a digital language developed in 1983 that allows instruments and devices to talk to each other by sending various messages back and forth. These messages include performance gestures, such as what [more…]

Having Some Fun with Keyboard Learning Features

Many brands offer entertaining ways to allow the novice player to have fun with music. Learning to play doesn’t allow for shortcuts; that’s why a good teacher can make all the difference in whether students [more…]

10 Great Recordings for Each Type of Keyboard

If you're looking for inspiration from great songs but don't know what pieces highlight your particular type of keyboard, the following lists will set you on the right path. Each list presents ten songs [more…]

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