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How to Use a Metronome to Help You Time Music

A metronome is a device that clicks in steady rhythm to help you practice your rhythm and time-keeping. Older versions were a vertical wooden case with a metal wand that swung back and forth. You had to [more…]

What You Should Know about Tempo to Play the Piano or Keyboard

You will need to know some things about tempo to play the piano or keyboard. Like heartbeats, musical beats are measured in beats per minute. A certain number of beats occur in music every minute. When [more…]

How to Count Out Common Time Signatures to Play the Piano or Keyboard

In music, a time signature tells you the meter of the piece you’re playing on your piano or keyboard. Each measure of music receives a specified number of beats. Composers decide the number of beats per [more…]

How to Extend Notes Using Dots on the Piano or Keyboard

One way to extend the length of a note when playing the piano or keyboard, and make it look a little fancier, is through the use of a dot. A dot on any size note or rest makes that note or rest last 50 [more…]

Playing Swing and Shuffle Time on the Piano

The beat may go on and on, but piano music can be quite dull if every note you play is on the beat. By changing up the rhythm a bit and playing some notes off, around, or in between the main beats, your [more…]

Controlling the Tempo on the Piano

Just like you can shade your piano music with dynamics, you can make subtle variations to the tempo of the music you play. The tempo marking at the beginning of a song tells you how fast to play the song [more…]

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