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Joining Two Rock Guitar Styles: Progressive Meets Heavy Metal

It's not surprising that as progressive rock and heavy metal both took off in the 1970s that they would eventually cross over. Bands like Jethro Tull, Kansas, and Rush successfully mixed the muscular guitar [more…]

How to Play Pinch Harmonics on Electric Guitar

Guitarist Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top set the standard of "soulfulness" in the rock guitar world with his smoldering pinch harmonic solos. You can add soulfulness to your guitar music by learning how to [more…]

Guitar Tablature: "Power Play"

Learning how to play "Power Play" on guitar will give you a chance to practice and demonstrate a four-bar rock progression using only power chords. Countless rock songs use this progression, including [more…]

How to Get a Shuffle Feel on Rhythm Guitar

The shuffle is an important rhythm feel used extensively in rock guitar. A shuffle is a lilting eighth-note sound created by dividing the beat into two unbalanced halves, a long note followed by a short [more…]

How to Play Syncopated Figures for Rock Guitar

After you develop a feel for strumming in different combinations of eighths, quarters, and 16ths, you can increase the rhythmic variation to these various groupings by applying syncopation. To [more…]

Recognizing Different Rock Guitar Rhythm Styles

Rock music doesn't just follow a single pattern. There are a number of grooves, or feels, that are standard in rock music. Expand your rock guitar sound by adding a variety of different rock guitar rhythm [more…]

How to Play the "Bo Diddley Beat" on Guitar

One of the biggest influences in bringing the R&B sound to rock guitar was Bo Diddley. One of Diddley’s best-known songs was an anthem he composed for himself, he named after himself, and that used a syncopated [more…]

Common Open-Position Chords for Rock Guitar

Open-position chords are aptly named because they involve unfretted strings that can ring open, along with the fretted notes. Open-position chords have a “jangly” pleasant feature, sometimes referred to [more…]

Common Moveable Chord Forms

A moveable chord, unlike an open-position chord, does not include open strings. If you can move, without rearranging your fingers, from position to position on the neck of the guitar, it’s a moveable chord [more…]

Anatomy of an Electric Guitar

An electric guitar is the key component of the rock guitar sound. Take a look at this figure to identify the major parts of a typical electric guitar, and read the chord diagram for finger placement. The [more…]

Rock Guitar For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Are you looking to master rock guitar? First, make sure you know the parts of an electric guitar, then get a beat on the common open-position chords, and moveable chords of rock guitar. [more…]

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