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What to Include in a Guitar Cleaning and Repair Kit

Generally speaking, guitars never wear out, although you do need to spend some time taking care of your instrument. Fortunately, to keep your guitar in excellent health all you need to do is clean it regularly [more…]

Guitar Repairs You Shouldn't Attempt Yourself

At some point, every instrument, including the guitar, requires some kind of repair. Although you can fix a wide variety of guitar problems yourself, some repairs [more…]

How to Fix Common Electric Guitar Problems

An electric guitar can last many lifetimes; however, they have a variety of electrical parts and connections that, over time, can wear out. When that happens, you need to know how to fix or replace those [more…]

Troubleshooting Guide for a Rock Guitar

Many seemingly insurmountable problems you may come across with your rock guitar often have a simple and quick solution. This troubleshooting guide should cover most of the basic problems. It doesn’t offer [more…]

Warning Signs that Your Guitar Needs a Setup

It’s a well-guarded secret, but guitars are made primarily of wood. As time goes by, various factors — moisture, temperature, string tension, and even your playing — make the wood expand and contract, [more…]

How to Adjust an Electric Guitar's Action and Intonation

Adjusting the action and intonation on your electric guitar affects your instruments sound. The exercises in this video lesson show you how to adjust for sharp or flat frets the tips ensure your adjustment [more…]

How to Straighten a Guitar Neck

Straightening a bowed guitar neck keeps your instrument from sounding buzzy. This video shows how to repair a warped guitar neck with a truss rod. Straighten the neck, correct the bow, and get back to [more…]

How to String a Nylon-String Guitar

Putting a new set of nylon strings on your classical guitar is different from putting metal strings on an electric or acoustic guitar. This video shows you how to restring a classical guitar with nylon [more…]

How to Tune Your Guitar

Electric, acoustic, and classical guitars need tuning. This video lesson demonstrates how to tune a guitar using either the fifth-fret method or an electronic tuner. [more…]

How to String A Steel-String Acoustic Guitar

Knowing how to restring your acoustic guitar is a vital maintenance skill. Regardless of string brand or gauge, this lesson shows how to replace a string on your acoustic guitar and get back to playing [more…]

How to String an Electric Guitar

Changing strings on an electric guitar is a vital skill for any guitarist. This video lesson shows how to replace a string on your electric guitar, regardless of string brand or gauge, and get back to [more…]

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