Guitar Amps and Effects For Dummies Extras

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Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Every guitarist seeks to produce an expressive and distinctive tone. Unfortunately, figuring out what kind of gear you need can be a baffling proposition. Here are the three main equipment categories that [more…]

Glued-in Versus Bolt-On Guitar Necks

Talk to plenty of guitarists who think they know a thing or two about the instrument and you'll come away with the implied truism that a bolt-on neck is inferior to one that is permanently glued in place [more…]

What's the Deal with Class-A Amps?

Hang out in amp or guitar chat rooms or check out lots of manufacturers' promotional write-ups and you'll notice that that term "Class A" gets slung around more than hash off the griddle at a greasy spoon [more…]

10 Guitarists Who Played Against Type

Guitarists and music fans alike are often guilty of pigeonholing certain musical styles, and of assuming the sounds of different genres can only be achieved on a limited range of gear. Such typecasting [more…]

Tips on Vintage Effects for Guitars

Many vintage effects pedals and stand-alone units have sacred names out there in guitarland. Major artists will name-check them reverentially in magazine interviews; players will discuss them in hallowed [more…]

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