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Guitar Basics: Strumming an Electric Guitar

Strumming means dragging a pick (or the fingers) across the strings of the guitar. You drag the guitar pick in a downward motion (toward the floor) to sound the chords formed by the left hand, but you [more…]

The Basics of Bass Guitar

Understanding the basics of bass guitar includes understanding what makes a bass a bass and how a bass guitar fits into a band. In the right hands, the bass is a tremendously powerful tool, because it [more…]

How to Position Your Right Hand for Finger-Style Bass Guitar

Although there are many popular right-hand bass guitar techniques, it is important to learn how to position your right hand for finger-style playing, which is the most flexible and widely used bass guitar [more…]

How to Hold an Electric Bass while Standing

Playing your bass guitar is easiest if you know how to properly hold it. Learning how to hold the bass while standing will pay off by making you more comfortable and making it easier for you to play with [more…]

How to Find the Right Position for Your Bass Guitar

Strapping on your bass guitar is not a simple as you might think. You need to know the right way to adjust the guitar strap in order to keep the bass in the perfect position while you play. The better [more…]

How to Position Your Left Hand for Bass Guitar

Knowing proper left-hand position for bass guitar will make fretting chords and fingering strings simpler because the left hand will be more comfortable. By keeping it loose and relaxed, you'll be able [more…]

How to Position Your Right Hand for Pick-style Bass Guitar Playing

Although there are many popular right-hand techniques for bass guitar, it is important to learn how to position your right hand for pick-style playing, which is one of the most popular styles. Many bass [more…]

How to Position Your Right Hand for Slap-style Bass Guitar Playing

If you know how to properly position your right hand for slap-style playing on the bass guitar, you'll be able to produce a wider variety of sounds. The idea behind slap style [more…]

What Are the Parts of a Bass Guitar?

You can call it a bass guitar, an electric bass, an electric bass guitar, or just a bass. All these labels crop up in discussions of music and musical instruments, and you may encounter individuals who [more…]

How to Adjust the Straps on Your Bass Guitar

When you strap on your bass guitar for the first time, sit down to do it. Adjusting the strap is easier this way. Ideally, the strings of the bass should cross over your belly button at a slight angle [more…]

How to Position Your Left-Hand on a Bass Guitar

You want your left hand to cover one fret per finger without causing any undue stress. By using one finger per fret on your bass guitar, you set up your hand to execute almost any musical figure without [more…]

Reference Pitch Sources You Can Use to Tune Your Bass Guitar When Playing Alone

When you're playing alone, it doesn't matter whether you're bass guitar is in tune with the rest of the universe, but you do need to have all your strings in tune with each other if you want your music [more…]

Reference Pitch Sources You Can Use to Tune Your Bass Guitar When Playing with Others

When you play with other musicians, you need to get your bass in tune with their instruments. You can tune all your strings by comparing them individually with the appropriate note of the same pitch from [more…]

How Do I Know Which Bass Guitar I Should Buy?

The single most important question to ask yourself before buying a bass is: “What do I want in a bass?” The following are some key points to consider when choosing your new instrument: [more…]

Tips for Buying a Bass Guitar on a Budget

You need to decide how much money you can afford to spend on a bass guitar so you still have some left for an amp, a cable, and a few other essentials. You can certainly play a bass guitar without an amp [more…]

Tips for Buying a Bass Guitar at a Music Store

Visiting the biggest music store in your area, where you can look at the most bass guitars in one place, is the best way to start your search. You can check out the small music stores after you’ve settled [more…]

Tips for Buying a Bass Guitar Online

Thanks to the Internet, you can be in Seattle reading about a very cool bass guitar that’s patiently waiting in southern Florida for someone just like you. However, don’t buy a bass on the Internet without [more…]

10 Innovative Bassists You Should Know

Certain bass players have made a lasting mark on the entire bass world, regardless of which genre of music they play. These innovators advance the instrument to new levels, influencing everyone who follows [more…]

10 Great Bassist and Drummer Grooves

The bass guitar, more than any other instrument, is at its best when tightly aligned with the drums. Together, the bassist and drummer develop the powerful grooves that drive the song by constantly listening [more…]

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