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Choosing the Right Notes for a Bass Guitar Groove

The bass guitar is the foundation of any band, so playing a good bass groove can make or break a song. Here are a few guitar-playing guidelines to remember when you're creating a bass groove. [more…]

How to Play a Two-Octave Major Arpeggio on the Bass Guitar

When playing a two-octave arpeggio on bass guitar, you'll find that you can reach several of the notes without shifting your left hand. Even though the arpeggio has a lot fewer notes than the scale, playing [more…]

How to Play a Two-Octave Minor Arpeggio on the Bass Guitar

Playing the two-octave minor arpeggio on bass guitar is very similar to the two-octave major arpeggio except, of course, for the chord. You can use this pattern to play a minor arpeggio in any key. [more…]

Creating Music with Chord Progressions

A chord progression is a group of chords that you use to create music. Some chord progressions just sound better than others, so it pays to experiment. The following table, which shows commonly used major-key [more…]

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