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Must-Have Accessories for a Bass Guitarist

Certain items are required for your career as a bass guitar player; they simply come with the territory. The trick is knowing which accessories are essential for a bass guitar and which are just plain [more…]

Tips for Buying Amplifiers and Speakers for Your Bass Guitar

The amplifier (or amp for short) is the unit that boosts the electronic signal of your bass guitar and sends it to the speaker, which takes the signal and converts it into sound. The speaker is just as [more…]

Effect Accessories for Your Bass Guitar

Some items make your life as a bass player easier (and sometimes more fun), but often you can function without them. Bassists generally prefer a clean sound, so they aren’t as likely as guitar players [more…]

Effects Pedals for Your Bass Guitar

As a bass player, your job is to hold down the groove and keep the sound of the band tight, and that’s best accomplished with a clean sound from the bass. But for a little special effect during a bass [more…]

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