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How to Use the Countermelody Method on the Bass Guitar

Luckily for the bass world, Paul McCartney was one of the lead vocalists in The Beatles, and he learned to take the entire song — melody, lyrics, and all — into consideration. Most people want to hear [more…]

How to Play Inversions on a Descending Bass Guitar Line

In the bass world, what do Johann Sebastian Bach, Procol Harum, Percy Sledge, Elton John and, oh, yeah (or rather “yeah, yeah, yeah”), The Beatles have in common? Highly successful songs that take advantage [more…]

How Do I Know Which Bass Guitar I Should Buy?

The single most important question to ask yourself before buying a bass is: “What do I want in a bass?” The following are some key points to consider when choosing your new instrument: [more…]

Tips for Buying a Bass Guitar on a Budget

You need to decide how much money you can afford to spend on a bass guitar so you still have some left for an amp, a cable, and a few other essentials. You can certainly play a bass guitar without an amp [more…]

Tips for Buying a Bass Guitar at a Music Store

Visiting the biggest music store in your area, where you can look at the most bass guitars in one place, is the best way to start your search. You can check out the small music stores after you’ve settled [more…]

Tips for Buying a Bass Guitar Online

Thanks to the Internet, you can be in Seattle reading about a very cool bass guitar that’s patiently waiting in southern Florida for someone just like you. However, don’t buy a bass on the Internet without [more…]

Tips for Buying Amplifiers and Speakers for Your Bass Guitar

The amplifier (or amp for short) is the unit that boosts the electronic signal of your bass guitar and sends it to the speaker, which takes the signal and converts it into sound. The speaker is just as [more…]

Effect Accessories for Your Bass Guitar

Some items make your life as a bass player easier (and sometimes more fun), but often you can function without them. Bassists generally prefer a clean sound, so they aren’t as likely as guitar players [more…]

Effects Pedals for Your Bass Guitar

As a bass player, your job is to hold down the groove and keep the sound of the band tight, and that’s best accomplished with a clean sound from the bass. But for a little special effect during a bass [more…]

Minor DIY Repairs for Your Bass Guitar

You can do your own minor repairs to your bass guitar to keep it in top-notch playing condition — tweaking a few screws, touching up a bit of finish, soldering a couple of electronic connectionszzzzzzzzzap [more…]

Tips for Storing Your Bass Guitar

Keeping your bass guitar happy is really quite simple. If you’re comfortable, your bass will be comfortable. You want to keep it out of direct sunlight, and you want to keep it out of the snow — at least [more…]

10 Innovative Bassists You Should Know

Certain bass players have made a lasting mark on the entire bass world, regardless of which genre of music they play. These innovators advance the instrument to new levels, influencing everyone who follows [more…]

10 Great Bassist and Drummer Grooves

The bass guitar, more than any other instrument, is at its best when tightly aligned with the drums. Together, the bassist and drummer develop the powerful grooves that drive the song by constantly listening [more…]

How to Play Rock ‘N’ Roll Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

Rock ’n’ roll refers to the style of rock that originated in the 1950s and ’60s (think Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly). The bassist maintains a quarter-note or eighth-note rhythm and a distinctive melodic [more…]

How to Play Hard Rock Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

Hard rock, which includes progressive rock along with metal and its numerous offspring, is the fastest category of rock you can play on the bass guitar. The rhythm is hard and driving, and the tempo can [more…]

How to Play Pop Rock Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

For pop rock, the bass guitarist needs to support the vocals. The term pop is short for popular music, which refers to a style of rock that’s popular with a wide range of the general population. [more…]

How to Play Country Rock Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

Country rock tunes tell a story — and the story needs to be heard (just think of Garth Brooks). This means that you, as the bassist, take a back seat in country rock. In the bass groove for country rock [more…]

How to Play Swing Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

Swing style grooves can be accomplished easily with the bass guitar. Swing style originated in the late 1920s and early ’30s. The style of the Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman bands typifies the music of [more…]

How to Play Funk Shuffle Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

Bass guitarists can really mix it up with funk shuffle grooves. Funk shuffle (also called shuffle funk) is a hybrid groove style, which means that it combines several elements of other styles — funk, blues [more…]

How to Play R & B Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are versatile instruments. They fit in with almost any style of music, including R & B. R & B(rhythm and blues) originated in the late 1940s and is often referred to as “R & B/Soul.” It’s [more…]

How to Play Fusion Grooves on the Bass Guitar

Fusion is the merging of two or more styles of music, and can be applied to grooves on the bass guitar. Fusion generally refers to the combination of rock rhythms and jazz harmonies, but any combination [more…]

How to Play Hip-Hop Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

Hip-hop entered the music world in the 1990s. This style features a fat (“phat”) bass groove that sounds more laid-back than some of the other funk styles. Hip-hop is all about the message; the bass groove [more…]

How to Play Reggae Style Grooves on the Bass Guitar

You can play reggae style grooves on the bass guitar. Reggae music is most often associated with Jamaica and the Caribbean islands. The trademarks of reggae bass are a thuddy sound [more…]

How to Protect Your Guitar

If you need to take your guitar out into the world that requires protection, as you discover here. Never leave the house without putting the guitar in some kind of protective case. [more…]

How to Tighten Loose Connections on Your Guitar

A guitar is a system of moving parts, many of which are mechanical, and as anyone who's ever owned a car can attest, moving things come loose. In guitars, the hardware connections are what typically work [more…]


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