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How to Warm-Up on the Bass Guitar with Left-Hand Finger Permutations

The job of your left hand is to press down on the string at the appropriate fret on the bass guitar, which gives you the desired pitch, while the right hand strikes the same string simultaneously, producing [more…]

How to Read Notation to Play the Bass Guitar

Reading music is nothing for bass guitarists to be afraid of. You don't even have to read music to be a good (or great) bass player, but it certainly enriches your musical experience and opens doors that [more…]

How to Find Notes on the Bass Guitar Neck

After you understand the four types of musical notation, the next step to playing the bass guitar is to find out where the notes are located on the bass neck. [more…]

How to Play the Bass Guitar with a Metronome

A metronome is a device that helps bass guitarists and other musicians develop good rhythm. Metronomes come in many shapes and colors, but they all have one thing in common: They give you a steady clicking [more…]

How to Divide Music into Phrases, Measures, and Beats to Play the Bass Guitar

Tunes are divided into phrases. Bass guitarists can recognize a phrase by listening to singers — they tend to take a breath between each phrase. Phrases are divided into [more…]

How to Read Chunks and Intervals in Music to Play the Bass Guitar

As you read this sentence, notice that you're not reading letter by letter; you're reading words. When playing the bass guitar, you read music the same way. Music notation is recognizable in chunks of [more…]

How to Play Your First Song on the Bass Guitar While Reading Music

It's about time to apply all the theoretical stuff and play some music on your bass guitar, wouldn't you say? With sheet music, you usually get one or two different notational devices to work with, such [more…]

How to Play Basic Triads on the Bass Guitar

Bass guitarists often play several notes of a chord simultaneously, but first, you must start with the triad. The triad is the basic chord form, consisting of the three most important notes of any scale [more…]

How to Play Major Chord Inversions in C on the Bass Guitar

Here, you will be walked through playing the inversions for the C major chord on the bass guitar. You can use these same patterns for any major chord inversion. In these examples, the octave is added to [more…]

How to Play Minor Chord Inversions in C on the Bass Guitar

Minor chord inversions on the bass guitar work on the same premise as major chord inversions. Here, you will be walked through playing the inversions for the C minor chord. You can use these same patterns [more…]

The Seven Main Modes (Scales) for the Bass Guitar

With all these scales at your fingertips, you get more choices in terms of flavor, or color, when playing your bass guitar. Or you can think of it as starting with the same basic cooking recipe but adding [more…]

How to Use Chromatic Tones to Play the Bass Guitar

When you play a bass line, you’re not limited to the notes in the main modes; you can supplement them with notes outside the mode. The extra notes that fall within the box — the [more…]

How to Play Dead Notes on the Bass Guitar

You may need to enhance a simple groove on the bass guitar rhythmically, but none of the notes, chromatic or modal (from the mode), seem to be quite right. You may feel that the bass line needs something [more…]

How to Rake Dead Notes on the Bass Guitar

Raking across the strings of your bass guitar is a great, natural way to incorporate dead notes into your playing. Raking means striking a string with your right-hand index or middle finger and then striking [more…]

How to Use a Groove Skeleton with the Bass Guitar

A good groove on the bass guitar can make you tap your feet, bob your head, and snap your fingers. A groove is constructed of several elements, the first being the groove skeleton, and you can use these [more…]

How to Choose the Right Notes for a Bass Guitar Groove

Playing grooves on the bass guitar is an elusive art form. It takes a long time to figure out what makes a groove…groove. Yes, there’s a method to the madness, and a science to the art. [more…]

How to Create a Dominant Groove for the Bass Guitar

Imagine that you’re getting together with a bunch of other musicians or bass guitarists to play some music. The guy in charge says, “Let’s jam in D7.” [more…]

How to Create a Minor Groove for the Bass Guitar

You’re playing with the band as a bass guitarist, jamming on a dominant groove …but wait …what if the guy in charge yells, very enthusiastically, “Let’s jam in D [more…]

How to Create a Major Groove for the Bass Guitar

Say you’re jamming away with the band as a bass guitarist on a minor groove, when all of a sudden the guy in charge yells (with uninhibited enthusiasm), “Let’s jam in D major!” Hmmm, does he really mean [more…]

How to Use the Blues Scale in a Bass Guitar Solo

The six-note blues scale is one of the most commonly used scales in bass guitar soloing — and with good reason: It’s comfortable to play, it’s easy to move from chord to chord, and it sounds great. The [more…]

How to Create Fills for the Bass Guitar

Fills are mini-solos that give bass guitar grooves a little flash every now and then. It gives the bass guitarist a little bit of variety and individuality. The purpose of the fill is to [more…]

How to Blend a Bass Guitar Line

Blending a bass line means choosing the notes you play so they support the song perfectly without being overly noticeable. It’s almost like the hidden beams in the ceiling of a modern house — you don’t [more…]

How to Play Your Bass Guitar Line Straight or Syncopated

Two of the most common approaches to a killer bass line are the straight and syncopated rhythmic styles. In both cases, the harmony of the bass part stays pretty much on one note, usually the root. Where [more…]

How to Create a Fitting Groove on the Bass Guitar

Creating a fitting groove to a song is what bass guitarists do most often. It’s also the most complex accompaniment technique and could fill an entire book. But, since you don’t have time for that, check [more…]

How to Create a Bass Line in Unison

Double your pleasure when you double your bass line (musical phrase) with someone else, usually the guitar player or the keyboardist. Unison is very popular in hard rock and progressive rock styles, but [more…]


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