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Banjo For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knowing how to interpret chord diagrams and being able to read banjo tablature, the written form of music for the banjo, will pave the way for a much smoother road ahead on all of your banjo adventures [more…]

10 Essential Jam Session Tips for Banjo Players

The most fun you can have with the banjo is playing music with other musicians in jam sessions. If you've never done this before, however, a few things are useful to know before you take out your banjo [more…]

Swapping Out Bridges and Banjo Heads for Better Sound

Of all of the parts you can easily swap out and upgrade on your banjo, bridges and heads can make the biggest difference in sound. Your banjo is a combination of wood and metal held together with nuts, [more…]

Playing Scruggs, Melodic, and Single-String Banjo: A Bluegrass Crash Course

These days, bluegrass banjo isn't limited to the dazzling roll-based approach created by Earl Scruggs in the 1940s and 1950s. Bluegrass banjo today also includes the melodic innovations of Bill Keith and [more…]

How to Create Your Own Bluegrass Banjo Solos

You take a big step up as a banjo player when you're able to create your own unique solos, using the licks and techniques that you've picked up from other songs to create new music. When playing Scruggs-style [more…]

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