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Follow Folds to Show How Clothes Move in Fashion Drawing

Folds don’t just fall without purpose — there are reasons why cloth pulls and moves on your fashion figure. When material moves in different directions [more…]

How to Draw Tight Clothing

Draw a long, lean fashion figure and show her (or him) off in clothes that really hug that bod. Some clothes are really tight, and why not? On the body of a fashion figure, that’s often the way they look [more…]

How to Draw Folds in Hanging Fabric

Some fashion models are fortunate enough to wear glam dresses and gowns, where the cloth tumbles into a beautiful cascade. Many noted designers use bolts and bolts of fabric to get gorgeous hanging folds [more…]

How to Create Depth in Fabric Drawings with Texture

All fabrics work for at least one type of clothing, but as a fashion artist, you’re the one who chooses the type of fabric that works for your fashion figure’s clothes. [more…]

How to Draw Clothing Patterns and Prints

Patterns (not sewing ones) can really throw a fashion artist, but you can draw awesome fabric designs if you know a few artists’ tricks. So many illustrators opt out and just shade in fashion drawings. [more…]

How to Draw Unique Fabrics

Many of the clothing pieces you draw will be made of everyday fabrics — denim, different weights of cotton, and so on. But sooner or later, you’ll want to draw something suitable for a special occasion [more…]

Produce a Fashionably Fluid Torso with Gesture Drawing

In fashion illustration, a few good lines can go a long way toward creating a dynamic torso. However, consider what you can do with just one good line. Try drawing the torso with flair by using a technique [more…]

How to Illustrate Movement in Fashion Drawing

Illustrating movement takes some tricks, but the impression of movement adds so much life to your illustrations that mastering these techniques is worth the time and effort. [more…]

How to Depict Exaggeration in Fashion Drawing

Once you have your fashion-drawing foundation in place, it’s time to party with your pencil lines! Gesture drawings are the way to go when you want to create a bold and exaggerated style that really emphasizes [more…]

How to Draw Fashion Jumps and Leaps

Part of the fun in drawing fashion is the release of your creative spirit. Watch dancers to feel the power of creative movement. They bend, jump, leap, spin, and twist their bodies with grace and strength [more…]

How to Draw the Fashion Back with Style

Drawing the fashion back with style is easy — and necessary, given all the backless numbers you see in the fashion industry. Forget rippling muscles, because drawing a fashion back is mostly about a smooth [more…]

How to Extend Your Proportions in Fashion Drawing

Although 11 heads may be the standard fashion illustration height, you don’t have to stick to the rule. Change your drawing’s proportions by adding heads [more…]

Create a Minimal Look in Your Fashion Drawings

Sketching a fashion illustration can take hours when you pay attention to every little detail. On the other hand, drawing can take a couple of minutes if you go with the minimal look and simply focus on [more…]

Portfolio Formats for Your Fashion Drawings

Art portfolios come in two forms: traditional, physical portfolios that you can carry around with you and digital portfolios that you can e-mail or post online for people to see from anywhere in the world [more…]

Design a Digital Portfolio for Your Fashion Drawings

A digital portfolio simply means one you can access on a computer-type device. This can be your smart phone, your laptop, or any of the other handy digital devices that are around. All fashion illustrators [more…]

Ten Ways to Keep Your Fashion Drawing Current

Not only is staying current on fashion trends fun, but it’s also essential in today’s fashion world. Your fashion drawings must be timely or even cutting-edge if you want anyone to take a look at them. [more…]

Ten Steps to Kick-Start Your Fashion Drawing Career

If you want to have a career in fashion illustration, you need to do more than create a portfolio and wait. Be proactive! Putting your portfolio together is the first step toward marketing your work, but [more…]

How to Draw the Sophisticated Fashion Slouch

Slouching was never considered a fashion must until the fashion world declared it sexy. You can draw your fashion figure in a superb looking slouch, and no one will tell you to straighten up that figure [more…]

Teach Young Students to Draw with Everything Butt Art iPad App

Teaching young students how to draw with Everything Butt Art iPad app builds their confidence and ability to express themselves. Everything Butt Art is an iPad drawing app that teaches kids how to draw [more…]

Teach Students to Paint with Brushes iPad App

Brushes iPad app is a powerful artistic tool that's simple enough for students to learn to use quickly. Students who use Brushes iPad app learn how to express themselves better through art. [more…]

Teach Students to Paint a Photograph with Brushes iPad App

Brushes iPad app is simple for students to learn to use, yet powerful. Brushes iPad app is so easy, it lets you use photos as the basis for your artwork. In fact, this is the method used for creating the [more…]


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