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Ballet Moves: Demi-Pliés

The first ballet exercise at the barre is the small knee bend, or demi-plié ("duh-MEE plee-AY"). This article shows you how to perform a demi-plié from first, second, fourth, and fifth positions. [more…]

Finding the Correct Ballet Stance

Most world-class ballet dancers, from the tender age of four or five, have been taught to hold themselves in a certain way, with a certain posture. They practice and practice their ballet posture until [more…]

Basic Guidelines of Choreography for Ballet

When you decide to choreograph your own ballet dances, you have complete freedom of expression for your choreography. And that's as it should be. But artists of all kinds have found that they flourish [more…]

Finding the Right Practice Space for Ballet

The right place to practice ballet is a place where you feel comfortable. And in order to feel comfortable, you need two different things — space and privacy. [more…]

Important Ballet Terms to Know

Whether you're practicing ballet in the studio or dancing ballet for a performance, it's important to know the lingo. The following list shows some basic ballet terms with pronunciation guides, as well [more…]

The Five Basic Ballet Positions

All ballet steps start from one of five positions, and these basic ballet positions involve your whole body — how you hold your arms is as important as what you do with your feet. The following figures [more…]

For Ballet Injuries, Think RICE

Ballet dancers know that injuries such as pulled muscles and tendons are common — rigorous rehearsals combined with extreme positions can do that. To treat ballet injuries, remember the acronym [more…]

Ballet For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Ballet is a beautiful and demanding art form, with positions and moves to memorize and, often, strained muscles to heal. From the five basic positions — from which all ballet moves emanate — to the [more…]

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