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Choosing Your eBay Password and User ID

Signing up at eBay is a breeze. About the toughest thing you have to do is type in your e-mail address correctly. But when it comes to choosing your password and User ID, the process is so easy that you [more…]

Getting an eBay Buyer or Seller's Phone Number

If you don't hear from the buyer (or seller) of your eBay item after three business days and you've already tried sending an eBay message, you need to get more contact information. When you're looking [more…]

Reporting a Problem eBay Listing

eBay can't possibly monitor millions of items for sale on a daily basis, picking out the problem children from all the items for sale. eBay relies on eBay members to let it know when a shady listing is [more…]

Setting eBay Shipping Terms Domestically or Internationally

When you create an eBay listing, you need to let potential buyers know whether you will ship to their location, and if so, how much it will cost. Near the bottom of the Create Your Listing page is a section [more…]

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