Types of eBay Auctions

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Multiple-Item, or Dutch, eBay Auctions

A multiple-item, or Dutch, auction on eBay allows a seller to auction multiple identical items. You can bid on as many of the item as you want. To place a bid in a Dutch auction, you must input the amount [more…]

Restricted-Access and Private eBay Auctions

If you want to sell items on eBay that are of an adult nature, or big-ticket items where you don’t want to disclose your bidder’s financial status, then either a Restricted-Access or Private auction is [more…]

Selling on eBay Motors

Anything and everything automotive can go in the eBay Motors category, and it will sell like giant tires at a monster truck rally. Following are just a few of the car-related items that fit in the eBay [more…]

Selling Real Estate on eBay

eBay Real Estate isn't quite an auction. Because of the wide variety of laws governing the sale of real estate, eBay auctions of real property aren't legally binding offers to buy and sell. When a real [more…]

eBay Charity Auctions

Many charitable organizations are selling their wares on eBay to raise money for their fine work. You can get some rare and unusual items here, such as the annual NBC [more…]

How to Buy Items Outright on eBay

Although eBay’s success was built on auctions, eBay also allows sellers to handle outright sales. If you don’t have the time or patience for an auction, you can make a direct purchase [more…]

How to Buy a Car on eBay

Buying a car — that’s one purchase many people don’t enjoy making. Thankfully, you can browse eBay Motors without that pesky salesman asking you personal questions and checking in with his finance manager [more…]

How to Buy Real Estate on eBay

The smart people at eBay are sly trend-spotters, so they opened an official category for real estate transactions in the fall of 2000. You can access eBay’s Real Estate category through the category link [more…]

All About eBay Auctions

When it comes to auctions, the value of an item is determined by how much someone is willing to spend to buy it. That's what makes auctions exciting. eBay offers several flavors of auctions, but for the [more…]

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