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How to Buy a Car on eBay

Buying a car — that’s one purchase many people don’t enjoy making. Thankfully, you can browse eBay Motors without that pesky salesman asking you personal questions and checking in with his finance manager [more…]

How to Report Selling Abuses on eBay

If you’re on eBay long enough, you’re bound to find an abuse of the service. It may happen on an auction you’re bidding on, or it may be one of the sellers who compete with your auctions. eBay staffers [more…]

How to Report Abuses on eBay

If you suspect someone of abusing eBay’s rules and regulations, click Customer Service in the main navigation bar. You are presented with self-service tools. From this page, you can search eBay for policy [more…]

How to Buy Real Estate on eBay

The smart people at eBay are sly trend-spotters, so they opened an official category for real estate transactions in the fall of 2000. You can access eBay’s Real Estate category through the category link [more…]

How to Set Up Your eBay About Me Page

To create your eBay About Me page, click the Me icon next to any user’s name, scroll to the bottom of the About Me page that appears, find the line that reads “Create or edit my About Me page,” and click [more…]

How to Stay Up to Date with eBay’s Announcement Board

eBay’s announcements are the most important place to find out what’s going on (directly from headquarters) on the website. It’s a good idea to pop in and check it out from time to time. [more…]

How to Find Help on the eBay Discussion Boards

If you ever have specific eBay questions, several eBay discussion forums on the Community page can help you. You can also go directly to the Discussion Boards to pose your question to the eBay members [more…]

Get Help with eBay’s Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards

eBay wants you to feel comfortable maneuvering their site. As a result, they have put a process in place to get feedback and help from other users. Check out the chat rooms and discussion boards to get [more…]

How to Join an eBay Group

There are the customary places to get help on eBay: the discussion boards, the chat rooms, the help links. But, if you’re the type who wants news without a problem or who just likes to stay ahead of the [more…]

How to Compare Items on eBay Before Buying

By examining the results of your eBay search, you can get some useful information as to which item is the best deal. It’s a good idea as a buyer to familiarize yourself with the listing so you can make [more…]

How to Improve Your eBay About Me Page

Your my World profile page is the hub of your eBay user interaction. Your About Me page is there for customers, and the my World page is mostly used by the eBay community. People like to know about other [more…]

Get Help on eBay’s Category-Specific Boards

Want to talk about Elvis, Louis XV, Sammy Sosa, or Howard the Duck? More than 30 category-specific chat boards enable you to tell eBay members what’s on your mind about merchandise and sales. You reach [more…]

How to Track Your Buying Activity on eBay

The Buy page is the hub for keeping track of your eBay bids, your wins, items you’re watching, and any items you didn’t win. This area of my eBay helps you control everything you’re currently shopping [more…]

How to Monitor eBay Auctions with the Watch List

You’ve probably seen the Watch this item link at the top of each eBay listing page. Click it to add that item to your Watch list, which is available from your my eBay page. [more…]

Exploring Your My eBay Summary Page

Until you set your preferences on eBay, you will land on the Summary page when you open the eBay site. When you subscribe to Selling Manager, it will replace the All Selling box. [more…]

How to Find Other eBay Members

With millions of eBay users on the loose, you may think it’s hard to track folks down. Nope. eBay’s powerful Advanced Search page kicks into high gear to help you find other eBay members in seconds. This [more…]

What Items Are Prohibited or Restricted on eBay?

A prohibited item is banned from sale at eBay. You can’t sell a prohibited item under any circumstances. Take a look at the upcoming list. A little common sense tells you there’s good reason for not selling [more…]

How to Navigate the My eBay Account Tab

The Account tab lets you know how much you owe eBay and how much they’ll charge your credit card that month. This is a quick and easy way to check your most recent invoice, payments and credits, and your [more…]

How Much Does it Cost to Open an eBay Business?

Before starting your own eBay business, make sure you are aware of the costs associated with it. According to comScore Media Metrix, in February 2013, these e-commerce sites garnered an astounding number [more…]

How to Report Hijacked Accounts to eBay

If someone gets hold of your personal information on eBay, the most important thing to do is report it immediately. If you see any items that aren’t yours on the Items I’m Bidding On or the Items I’m Selling [more…]

All About eBay Auctions

When it comes to auctions, the value of an item is determined by how much someone is willing to spend to buy it. That's what makes auctions exciting. eBay offers several flavors of auctions, but for the [more…]

An Overview of the eBay Registration Process

You don't have to wear one of those tacky "Hello, My Name Is" stickers on your shirt after you sign on, but eBay does need to know some things about you before it grants you membership. You and millions [more…]

How to Register on eBay

After you click the Register button on the eBay Home page, you're taken to the heart of the eBay Registration pages. You may register as a business or as an individual. If you don't quite have a business [more…]

Choosing a User ID for eBay

eBay gives you the option of picking your User ID. But if you've never liked your real name (or never had a nickname), here's your chance to correct that situation. Have fun. Consider choosing an ID that [more…]

The eBay Sign In Link

Sign In is possibly the most powerful of all the links on the eBay pages, and it will be your first stop if you plan on doing any business on the site. Click the [more…]


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