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How to Submit Your eBay Store URL to Google

Have you ever googled your eBay Store or website? To be a successful eBay entrepreneur, googling your business from time to time is a must to see where you stack up in comparison to the competition. [more…]

Which Store Type is Best for Your eBay Business?

All eBay Stores are on a level playing field. All your items are equally searchable on eBay, so you can be right up there with the big guys and compete. The first cost differential is the type of store [more…]

How to Subscribe to eBay Stores

If you’re serious and ready to open an eBay business, assuming you’re already using Selling Manager, look for the box of Seller tools and click the Open an eBay Store link. You can also go to [more…]

How to Set Up Your eBay Store

You need to make a few decisions to create a good eBay store. Depending on the whims and changes that move through eBay, the order in which you have to implement these decisions can vary, but these are [more…]

How to Design Your eBay Store

In the Store Design area, you can perform major tasks required for your eBay store. This is where you can easily change the look and feel of your store to make your brand unique and easily recognizable [more…]

Bookkeeping Basics to Get Your eBay Store Started

Although posting bookkeeping entries for your eBay business can be boring, clicking a button to generate your tax information is a lot easier than manually going over pages of sales information on a pad [more…]

What Kind of Records Should You Keep for Your eBay Business?

One of the reasons there is a great business environment in the United States and you can have your own eBay business is because business owners all have a partner, Uncle Sam. Our government regulates [more…]

How to Start Your Own eBay Store

The requirements for opening an eBay Store are basic, but you should transact business (sell) on the site for quite a while before you open an eBay Store because you need a solid understanding of how eBay [more…]

Why eBay Is a Good Place to Start an E-commerce Business

f you want to start an e-commerce business, simply knowing where to start can be one of the most difficult tasks. Marsha Collier, author of numerous For Dummies books about eBay, explains why eBay is a [more…]

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