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How to Sell Items on Consignment on eBay

Lots of eBay sellers let you sell items on consignment, and several retail locations base their business on consignment sales. You take possession of the item from the owner and sell it on eBay. You're [more…]

How to Set Up a Consignment Business on eBay

Consignment sales are a popular way for you to help non-techie types by selling their items on eBay. Lots of sellers do it, and several retail locations base their business on it. Essentially you take [more…]

What Should You Charge for Consignment Sales on eBay?

Several chains have opened up across the country with brick-and-mortar locations accepting merchandise from the general public to sell on eBay. By becoming an official Trading Assistant, you can compete [more…]

Know Your Responsibilities as an eBay Trading Assistant

What is an eBay Trading Assistant? Simply put, an eBay Trading Assistant sells merchandise for people on eBay. A more complex definition is that a Trading Assistant [more…]

How to Advertise Your Services as an eBay Trading Assistant

If all the advertising you do is your Grand Opening ad and nothing after, it won’t be long before your eBay Trading Assistant Business will be doing a Going Out of Business Sale. Consider these tips as [more…]

Selling Merchandise from Drop-Shippers on eBay

A drop-shipper is a business that stocks merchandise, sells the merchandise to you (the eBay reseller), but ships it directly to your customer. By using a drop-shipper, you transfer the risks of buying [more…]

How to Find a Good Drop-Shipper for Your eBay Business

Thousands of web companies are aching to help you set up your eBay business. Some of them are good solid companies with legitimate backgrounds, but others are just trying to get your money. These guys [more…]

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