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Starting Your eBay Auction at the Right Time

Back when eBay counted its listings by the hundreds (and then low thousands), it clearly made a difference what day of the week you chose to end an auction. That is, when the number of buyers and sellers [more…]

Timing Your eBay Auction for High Returns

The only way to figure out when to end your eBay auction is by planning when to start it. An auction beginning at 12:00 will end at that same time on the ending day. [more…]

Buy Merchandise to Resell on eBay from Wholesale Trade Shows

Trade shows are commonly held in convention centers, hotels, and local merchandise marts and are good sources for eBay merchandise. A super source for finding gift shows is [more…]

How to Use eBay’s Bidding Management Tools

Most eBay users don’t know the extent of eBay’s seller-specific services. And sometimes sellers are so involved with selling that they don’t take the time to find out about new helper tools. Even if you’ve [more…]

How to Subscribe to eBay's Selling Manager Trial Program

If you have some sales under your belt, go to this link to install the Selling Manager tool on your my eBay page. On the Selling Manager information page, click the Subscribe Now button. After eBay confirms [more…]

What You Can Do with eBay's Selling Manager

A versatile program, the standard version of eBay’s Selling Manager allows you to monitor or automate many of the more tedious eBay tasks. The page is broken into several boxes, which are broken down here [more…]

The Perks of Top Ranking eBay Membership

As an eBay recognized seller, you get a few perks that can help you build your business. The efforts you put into servicing your customers and selling on eBay are rewarded through the PowerSeller and Top [more…]

eBay Business Fee Structure

When you have an eBay Store, other fees are involved in addition to the monthly fee, you’ll have to take note of, options fees, and Final Value Fees. These fees are different for eBay Store sellers than [more…]

How to Relist and Sell Similar Items on eBay with Selling Manager

Wouldn’t it be better if you could select a whole bunch of items and relist them on eBay all together? Step up to Selling Manager for a one-click option. You can access items that have not sold, logically [more…]

How to Access eBay’s Selling Manager Reports

Selling Manager gives you the opportunity to keep all your eBay selling information in one place. It also provides a downloadable report — in spreadsheet format — that you can archive for your records. [more…]

How to Find Sales Management Apps at eBay’s App Center

A visit to the eBay App Center will dazzle you with hundreds of third-party applications that have all been verified by eBay. Such verification means that these apps should always be up to date and ready [more…]

Essential Features of Third Party eBay Auction-Management Services

You may decide that there is a time for using a third party auction-management service for your eBay sales. Here are some must-have features to look for when you evaluate the offerings of auction-management [more…]

How to Set Up a Link to Your eBay Listings from Your Website

Until you get your own eBay store up and running, setting up a link to your listings from your website or blog is a great alternative. That way, visitors to your site can browse your listings directly [more…]

Third-Party Management Options for Your eBay Business

You may run your eBay business from any computer, anywhere in the world. If that’s the case, you might do best with an online service. Auction-management websites handle almost everything, from inventory [more…]

How to Time an eBay Sale

Timing is everything. Sell what you know and know when to sell. Buy low and sell high. Fast quarters are better than slow dollars. Okay, granted, clichés may be painful to hear over and over, but they [more…]

Comparison Selling on eBay

Today, in the bustling world of e-commerce on eBay, retail spying continues just as in the old days when successful retailers like Gimbel and Macy spied on each other to figure out ways to get a leg up [more…]

How to Select an Auction Item Category

Many eBay sellers will tell you that selecting the exact category isn't crucial to achieving the highest price for your item — and they're right. The bulk of buyers [more…]

How to Write Your eBay Item Description

After you hook potential eBay bidders with your title, reel ’em in with a fabulous description. Don't think Hemingway here; think infomercial (the classier and more fact-filled the better). The figure [more…]

How to Set a Starting Price for Your eBay Item

eBay requires you to set a starting price, also called a minimum bid — the lowest bid allowed in an auction. You may be surprised to see stuff worth tens of thousands of dollars starting at just a buck [more…]

How to Set Your eBay Auction Time

How long do you want to run your auction? eBay gives you a choice — 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days. Just click the number you want in the box. If you choose a 10-day auction, you add [more…]

How to Set a Reserve Price on an eBay Auction Item

Here's a little secret: The reason sellers list big-ticket items like Ferraris, grand pianos, and high-tech computer equipment with a starting bid of $1 is because they're protected from losing money with [more…]

eBay's Listing Designer

How many times have you seen an item on eBay laid out on the page all pretty with a decorative border around the description? If that sort of thing appeals to you, eBay's Listing Designer will supply you [more…]

Check eBay's Preview Your Listing Page

After you fill in all the blanks on the Sell Your Item form, you come to the Preview Your Listing page. Scroll down the page and confirm that all the information appears as you intended. If you think you're [more…]

Midcourse Corrections: Fixing Current eBay Listings

Don't worry if you make a mistake filling out the Sell Your Item page but don't notice it until after the auction is up and running. Pencils have erasers, and eBay allows revisions. You can make changes [more…]

How to Create the Perfect eBay Item Title

After you figure out what category you want to list in, eBay wants to get down to the nitty-gritty — what the heck to call that thing you're trying to sell. [more…]


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