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Monitoring Your Auction Action as a Seller

To find out whether anyone has bid on an item you are selling, go to your My eBay page and click the Selling link. [more…]

Reserve-Price Auctions on eBay

Unlike a minimum bid, which is required in any eBay auction, a reserve price protects sellers from having to sell an item for less than the minimum amount they want for it. You may be surprised to see [more…]

Selling on eBay Motors

Anything and everything automotive can go in the eBay Motors category, and it will sell like giant tires at a monster truck rally. Following are just a few of the car-related items that fit in the eBay [more…]

How eBay's Buy It Now Option Works

eBay’s Buy It Now (BIN in eBay-speak) option is available for single-item auctions only. This feature allows buyers to purchase an item now. Have you ever wanted an item really badly and you didn’t want [more…]

Holding a Reserve-Price Auction on eBay

When you sell an item on eBay, you can set a reserve price for the item to protect yourself from losing money. The reserve price is the lowest price that must be met before the item can be sold on eBay [more…]

Review Your eBay Auction Listing before Submitting It

After you’ve filled in all the blanks on the Sell an Item form that describes the item you’re selling on eBay, you come to the Preview Your Listing page. Scroll down the page and confirm that all the information [more…]

How to Choose the Right Category for Your eBay Listing

On the first page of eBay's Sell an Item form, you need to select the main category for your item. After you select your main category, you land on the official working portion of the Sell an Item page [more…]

Choosing an eBay Category for Your Merchandise

Whether you're selling auto parts, toys, fine art, or land, eBay can work for you. But first, you have to find your niche. Sounds easy enough. After all, deciding where to put your stuff for sale on eBay [more…]

Selling Real Estate on eBay

eBay Real Estate isn't quite an auction. Because of the wide variety of laws governing the sale of real estate, eBay auctions of real property aren't legally binding offers to buy and sell. When a real [more…]

Where to Start the Bidding in Your eBay Auction

When you set the starting bids on your eBay auction, setting the bidding too high scares away new bids. Also, as in the case of the reserve-price auction, if the bidding begins too high, novices might [more…]

Using Software to Make eBay Selling Easier

If you do a lot of selling on eBay, there is a lot to keep track of — new posts, closing sales, feedback, shipping, and on and on. Fortunately, a number of applications have been developed to help make [more…]

Following eBay's Listing Policies

eBay has some hard-and-fast rules about listing your items. When you put items up on eBay for auction, you must list them in the appropriate categories [more…]

Allowable Links on eBay Auction Items

Providing links to more information about items you are selling on eBay can certainly help your sales. But not all links are allowed. Few issues set eBay sellers to arguing more than the rules on linking [more…]

How to Block Bidders and Cancel eBay Auctions

If you're running an eBay auction, eBay's bidder-management tools let you block buyers and cancel auctions. Remember, you don't have to accept bids from just anyone. Part of running an eBay business is [more…]

Setting Up an Out-of-Office E-Mail Reply for eBay

If you plan to be out of town or incommunicado for a few days, you can set up your eBay email to send an automatic response to prospective buyers who try to contact you. Any e-mail that is sent to you [more…]

Use eBay's Optional Listing Features Wisely

When you're listing an item for auction on eBay, you'll no doubt be presented with eBay's recommendations to improve your listing. This usually consists of recommending that you add one of the options [more…]

Resources for Determining the Price of Your eBay Merchandise

The best tool for determining how much to ask for the things you sell in your eBay auction is the eBay search tool. If you know how to use it, it provides a quick way to locate pricing information. To [more…]

Where to Find Authentication Services for eBay Collectibles

If you are selling (or buying) on eBay, you need a way to authenticate your collectibles. Some companies provide the service of authenticating or authenticating and grading [more…]

How to Create a Good eBay Listing

When you write descriptions for the items you list for eBay auctions, be sure that you describe your items clearly and completely. Mention everything about the article; if the item is used or damaged, [more…]

Selling Cars and Car Parts on eBay Motors

Anything and everything automotive can go in the eBay Motors category, and it will sell like giant tires at a monster truck rally. Following are just a few of the car-related items that fit in this category [more…]

Adding eBay's View Counter and Buy It Now to Your Listing

eBay buyers like gadgets and widgets. As a seller, you can add a View Counter and a Buy It Now button for you auction items. These tools don't just look snazzy, they boost your eBay sales. [more…]

Writing eBay Listings that Create Sales

eBay is a person-to-person marketplace. Although many sellers are businesses, the perception is that sellers on eBay are individuals earning a living (versus big business). Using the homespun personal [more…]

How Long Should Your eBay Auctions Run?

Another debatable philosophy for eBay sellers is auction timing. People are always asking how long to run auctions and what’s the best day to end an auction. You have to evaluate your item and decide which [more…]

eBay’s Listing Policies

eBay itself does not sell merchandise. eBay is merely a venue that provides the location where others can put on a giant e-commerce party (in other words, [more…]

The Strategy behind Setting a Low Starting Bid for an eBay Auction

The most generally accepted theory about starting eBay bids is that setting the bidding too high scares away new bids. But again, the variable is based on how much the item is worth or even how much it [more…]


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