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How to Set Up a Basic Template for Your eBay Listings

Because there are times you’re in too much of a hurry to fool with anything, especially because your eBay business is going to be successful and busy, try this [more…]

How to Submit Your eBay Store URL to Bing and Yahoo!

One of the first steps to being successful with your eBay business is to get yourself found by internet searchers. You will want your eBay store to appear in search results on major search engines. You [more…]

How to Market Your eBay Business on Twitter

Twitter is a convenient format for building an online community and gaining followers and consumers for your eBay business. If the thought of marketing through short-and-sweet messages appeals to you, [more…]

How to Market Your eBay Business on Facebook

Your eBay business will need all the friends it can get. Enter Facebook. Making friends with strangers can feel creepy, especially on a personal Facebook page. But your prospective customers are all strangers [more…]

How to Promote Items on Your eBay Store

eBay has added some excellent ways to promote your Store. As an eBay Store owner, you have access to promotional tools that other sellers can’t use. One of the most valuable of these is cross-promotions [more…]

How to Make Your eBay Store Name Official

In most states, you can find funny liner ads in the classified section of the local newspaper. They’re called fictitious name statements. No, the statements aren’t fictitious, but in effect, the names [more…]


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