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How to Grade Collectible eBay Items

As an eBay buyer or seller, one of the keys to establishing the value of an item is knowing the item’s condition, typically referred to as the item’s grade. [more…]

How to Choose the Right Category for Your eBay Listing

On the first page of eBay's Sell an Item form, you need to select the main category for your item. After you select your main category, you land on the official working portion of the Sell an Item page [more…]

Should You List Your eBay Auction in Two Categories?

One way to increase the income you earn from your eBay auctions is to use eBay categories to ensure that your listing reaches the right customers. With tens of thousands of categories, finding the right [more…]

How to Build an eBay Listing Description with Cool eBay Tools

eBay comes up with options to fill the needs (or wants) of users. Some sellers enjoy putting colorful graphics around their descriptions. Listing Designer will include pretty graphics and help you design [more…]

How to Price New Products for eBay via Mobile

So let’s say you’re out at a store that’s slashing prices to liquidate stock. Lots of merchandise seems very resellable to you, but which will net the most profit? [more…]

Help Your Sales with eBay’s Optional Listing Features

eBay listings have many options and upgrades. You may consider one or even a few to give your business an edge. Even a random search on eBay listings can yield examples of some very popular listing options [more…]

How to Revise Your eBay Listing before Bidding Starts

If you made a mistake filling out the Sell an Item page on eBay but didn’t notice it until after the listing is up and running, don’t worry. Pencils have erasers, and eBay allows revisions. Here’s what [more…]

How to Revise Your eBay Listing after Bidding Starts

If your eBay auction is up and running and already receiving bids, you can still make some slight modifications to it. Newly added information is clearly separated from the original text and pictures. [more…]

eBay Abbreviations You Should Know

As eBay has grown, so has the lingo that members use as shortcuts to describe their merchandise. It might be a good idea to get a grip on this handy list of common abbreviations and phrases used to describe [more…]

How to Select a Category for Your eBay Listing

Many eBay sellers will tell you that selecting the exact category isn’t crucial to achieving the highest price for your item — and they’re right. The bulk of buyers just input search keywords into eBay’s [more…]

Create the Perfect Title for Your eBay Item

The most valuable onscreen real estate on eBay is the 80-character title of your item. The majority of buyers do title searches, and that’s where your item must come up to be seen! So the onus is on you [more…]

Tips for Creating a Great Description for Your eBay Item

After you hook potential bidders with your title, reel’em in with a fabulous description for your eBay items. Don’t think Hemingway here; think infomercial [more…]

Designing Your eBay Listing with Turbo Lister

When it comes to designing your eBay listing, you have several options. If you predesign your description in an HTML tool, you merely need to copy and paste the coding into the description box. Also, Turbo [more…]

How to Organize Your eBay Listings with Turbo Lister

After you’ve put together a few listings, your eBay Turbo Lister item Inventory will begin to fill up. Just click the link on the left to get to the Inventory tab, which shows your listing activity in [more…]

Jazz Up Your eBay Listings with HTML

When you type in your item description on eBay, you have the option of jazzing things up with a bit of HTML coding, or you can use eBay's HTML text editor. If you know how to use a word processor, you'll [more…]

How to Sell Items on eBay with Half.com

Half.com, founded in July 1999, was the brainchild of Joshua Kopelman and is now owned by eBay. He observed the insufficiencies of retailing in the area of used mass-market merchandise and went to work [more…]

How to List Multiples of an Item for Sale on eBay with Variations

Whether you have 20 of one item, or the same item in different variations (size or color), eBay has a handy way to list multiple items in one listing. For a fixed-price sale for multiple items that are [more…]

How to Set Bids, Prices, and Reserves on eBay

What do a baseball autographed by JFK, a used walkie-talkie, and a Jaguar have in common? They started with a $.99 minimum bid. eBay requires you to set a [more…]

How to Use the My eBay Active Selling Page

With Active Selling page, you can easily keep an eye on any questions you receive from buyers, open offers, bids/reserves met, your fixed-price sales, and the progress of your auctions. [more…]

How to Stimulate Sales from the My eBay Unsold Page

The my eBay Unsold page indicates the items that didn’t sell. To get to that area, scroll way down the page or click the Unsold link under the Sell header [more…]

How to Relist Items on eBay without Extra Work

One of the most efficient ways to run an eBay business is to stock the same item in quantity. After getting some eBay experience under your belt, you’re bound to find several items that you’re comfortable [more…]

How to Download SeaMonkey Composer for Your eBay Listings

Few things in this life are absolute necessities, but photos and good design definitely are when it comes to a successful eBay business. It’s a good idea to start developing templates by building a simple [more…]

Create an eBay Listing with SeaMonkey Composer

SeaMonkey Composer is a great free tool that can be used to create your eBay listings. Once your business is in full swing, you’ll soon realize that it’s the little differences that will get your product [more…]

How to Format Your Images for eBay Listings

The prime concern to have about the pictures you put on eBay is size — that’s right; in this case, size does matter. If you are using eBay’s Picture Hosting services, images need to be at least 500 pixels [more…]

How to Advertise Your eBay Business with Google AdWords

Google’s cost-per-click (CPC) offering, AdWords, is used by nearly every business on the web, and is ideal for your eBay business. If you are a regular user of Google search, you should be noticing small [more…]


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