eBay - Creating & Uploading Images

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How to Get Crisp Scans of Your eBay Items

If you use a scanner and traditional (that is, nondigital) camera to create images for your eBay items, you've come to the right place. Here's how to get crisp scans of your items: [more…]

Software That Adds the Artist's Touch to Your eBay Images

After you take the picture (or scan it) of your eBay item and transfer it into your computer according to the manufacturer's instructions, the next step is to edit the picture. You have to approach the [more…]

How to Make Your eBay Images Web-Friendly

Because digital images are made up of pixels — and every pixel has a set of instructions that has to be stored someplace — you have two difficulties facing you right after you take the picture: [more…]

How to Use eBay's Photo Uploader

eBay hosts up to 12 images per listing for free (you pay a fee on eBay Motors vehicle listings). The first photo (you can change the order once you have uploaded them) appears as your main Gallery photo [more…]


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