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How to Use the Outlook Payment Request Wizard

The Outlook Payment Request Wizard lets you send a PayPal request to a customer through e-mail. After you follow the preceding link and download and install the wizard, you’ll see a new option at the top [more…]

Keep Your Buyer Informed about an eBay Purchase

You probably aren’t going to send out a payment-received letter for every eBay transaction, especially when they’re paid through PayPal. But it would surely be nice if you did. Staying in constant communication [more…]

How to Download and Install the Outlook Payment Request Wizard

The Outlook Payment Request Wizard enables you to give the e-mail that you send to your eBay customers a more professional look by including a custom icon link to a PayPal payment page. If you’re using [more…]

Using Software to Make eBay Selling Easier

If you do a lot of selling on eBay, there is a lot to keep track of — new posts, closing sales, feedback, shipping, and on and on. Fortunately, a number of applications have been developed to help make [more…]

Creating a Merchant Account for Your eBay Business

If your eBay business is bringing in more than $20,000 a month, a credit card merchant account may be for you. At that level of sales, discounts kick in and your credit card processing becomes a source [more…]

Using Costco Credit Card Processing for eBay Sales

If you're running an eBay auction business or store, you know that accepting credit card payments can be expensive. However, Costso offers some true discount credit card processing: a one-stop merchant [more…]

Alternative eBay Electronic Payment Options

eBay allows buyers to pay in several ways, and although PayPal is the most common payment method, other options are available. Person-to-person payment systems allow buyers to authorize payments from their [more…]

Selling on eBay with PayPal

PayPal allows eBay buyers to safely click and pay with a credit card, instant transfer, or e-check directly from eBay (or thousands of other online stores) after they've won an auction or made a purchase [more…]

Use Your My eBay All Selling Page to Manage Your Sales

For the new seller, the tools on eBay’s Selling pages are great. They’re simple and get right to the point. To run an eBay business, small sellers can use the All Selling page with the Sell an Item form [more…]

List a Payment Method for Your eBay Sales

Yeah, sure, eBay is loads of fun, but the bottom line to selling is the phrase “Show me the money!” You make the call on what you’re willing to take as money from your auction’s high bidder. eBay offers [more…]

Calculating Final Value Fees for Your eBay Auction Items

eBay’s version of the Hollywood back-end deal is the Final Value Fee. Big stars get a bonus when their movies do well at the box office; eBay gets a cut when your item sells. When the revenue is posted [more…]

Manage Your eBay Business with Selling Manager

It may be time to start investing in tools to keep your eBay business professional. Selling Manager is the first tool that can help smooth your transition makes the process of running eBay auctions and [more…]

How to Sell Items on eBay through Fixed Price Sales

Because e-commerce has morphed and consumer preferences have changed, you need to consider a more balanced approach to your eBay sales. Only after trial and error will you know how your specific products [more…]

What an eBay End-of-Auction E-mail Tells You

eBay sends out an end-of-transaction e-mail to both the buyer and the seller. The e-mail is informative to the seller and a welcome e-mail for the buyer. It’s brightly colored and joyful, probably designed [more…]

How to Use the My eBay Sold Page

Clicking the Sold link takes you to a list of all the items you’ve sold on eBay. The Sold page keeps a concise view of your sales in one place. You can use this page in lieu of fancy management software [more…]

Stay Organized with eBay's Purchase History

Until you become an eBay expert and are comfortable with other ways to electronically store your information (if you are, be sure to keep files with the following information), you might like to print [more…]

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