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How to Market Your eBay Business on Facebook

Your eBay business will need all the friends it can get. Enter Facebook. Making friends with strangers can feel creepy, especially on a personal Facebook page. But your prospective customers are all strangers [more…]

How to Buy Postage Online to Ship Your eBay Merchandise

With your new eBay business up and running, it’s likely you don’t have time to run to the post office. In 1999, the United States Postal Service announced a new service: [more…]

How to Ship Your eBay Merchandise with the FedEx Ship Manager App

FedEx has one of the most intuitive online apps for shipping your eBay merchandise. The FedEx Ship Manager interface will turn your computer into a one-person shipping machine. You can search for rate [more…]

How to Relist and Sell Similar Items on eBay with Selling Manager

Wouldn’t it be better if you could select a whole bunch of items and relist them on eBay all together? Step up to Selling Manager for a one-click option. You can access items that have not sold, logically [more…]

How to Access eBay’s Selling Manager Reports

Selling Manager gives you the opportunity to keep all your eBay selling information in one place. It also provides a downloadable report — in spreadsheet format — that you can archive for your records. [more…]

How to Find Sales Management Apps at eBay’s App Center

A visit to the eBay App Center will dazzle you with hundreds of third-party applications that have all been verified by eBay. Such verification means that these apps should always be up to date and ready [more…]

Essential Features of Third Party eBay Auction-Management Services

You may decide that there is a time for using a third party auction-management service for your eBay sales. Here are some must-have features to look for when you evaluate the offerings of auction-management [more…]

How to Set Up a Link to Your eBay Listings from Your Website

Until you get your own eBay store up and running, setting up a link to your listings from your website or blog is a great alternative. That way, visitors to your site can browse your listings directly [more…]

Third-Party Management Options for Your eBay Business

You may run your eBay business from any computer, anywhere in the world. If that’s the case, you might do best with an online service. Auction-management websites handle almost everything, from inventory [more…]

Which Store Type is Best for Your eBay Business?

All eBay Stores are on a level playing field. All your items are equally searchable on eBay, so you can be right up there with the big guys and compete. The first cost differential is the type of store [more…]

How to Subscribe to eBay Stores

If you’re serious and ready to open an eBay business, assuming you’re already using Selling Manager, look for the box of Seller tools and click the Open an eBay Store link. You can also go to [more…]

How to Set Up Your eBay Store

You need to make a few decisions to create a good eBay store. Depending on the whims and changes that move through eBay, the order in which you have to implement these decisions can vary, but these are [more…]

How to Design Your eBay Store

In the Store Design area, you can perform major tasks required for your eBay store. This is where you can easily change the look and feel of your store to make your brand unique and easily recognizable [more…]

How to Promote Items on Your eBay Store

eBay has added some excellent ways to promote your Store. As an eBay Store owner, you have access to promotional tools that other sellers can’t use. One of the most valuable of these is cross-promotions [more…]

How to Make Your eBay Store Name Official

In most states, you can find funny liner ads in the classified section of the local newspaper. They’re called fictitious name statements. No, the statements aren’t fictitious, but in effect, the names [more…]

Bookkeeping Basics to Get Your eBay Store Started

Although posting bookkeeping entries for your eBay business can be boring, clicking a button to generate your tax information is a lot easier than manually going over pages of sales information on a pad [more…]

What Kind of Records Should You Keep for Your eBay Business?

One of the reasons there is a great business environment in the United States and you can have your own eBay business is because business owners all have a partner, Uncle Sam. Our government regulates [more…]

Know Your eBay Marketplace

Just as successful stockbrokers know about individual companies, they also need to know about the marketplace as a whole. As an eBay seller, to get a leg up on your competition, you need to know the big [more…]

Catch Trends in the Media to Find eBay Merchandise

Catching trends is all about listening and looking. You can find all kinds of inside information from newspapers, magazines, television, and of course, the Internet. Believe it or not, you can even find [more…]

The Hunt for eBay Inventory

If you're not sure what you want to sell for profit on eBay — but you're a shop-till-you-drop person by nature — you have an edge. Incorporate your advanced shopping techniques into your daily routine. [more…]

7 Golden Rules for eBay Sellers

No matter how many times you sell items on eBay, the advice in this list of golden rules can help you survive and thrive on eBay. [more…]

4 Third-Party Management Services for eBay

You're comfortable transacting your auctions online, so why not manage them online as well . . . with an extra level of privacy? The sites listed here offer useful services that save time in both posting [more…]

Survey Your Sales on Your My eBay Sell Page

Your My eBay page supplies you with the tools to keep track of items you're selling on eBay. The My eBay Sell page works much the same as the Buy page, but this time you're making the money — not spending [more…]

Why Should You Sell Stuff on eBay?

The benefits of selling on eBay are as diverse as the people doing the selling. The biggest plus to selling on eBay is wheeling and dealing from your home in pajamas and bunny slippers. But no matter where [more…]

How to Find Stuff to Sell on eBay

Finding merchandise to sell on eBay is as easy as checking your garage and as tough as climbing up to the attic. Just about anything you bought and stashed away [more…]

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