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Buy Merchandise to Resell on eBay from Online Wholesalers

There are many legitimate sources of goods that can be resold on eBay on the Internet. But the Internet is loaded with scam artists; it’s up to you to check vendors out for yourself before spending your [more…]

How to Use the My eBay Sold Page

Clicking the Sold link takes you to a list of all the items you’ve sold on eBay. The Sold page keeps a concise view of your sales in one place. You can use this page in lieu of fancy management software [more…]

How to Stimulate Sales from the My eBay Unsold Page

The my eBay Unsold page indicates the items that didn’t sell. To get to that area, scroll way down the page or click the Unsold link under the Sell header [more…]

How to Relist Items on eBay without Extra Work

One of the most efficient ways to run an eBay business is to stock the same item in quantity. After getting some eBay experience under your belt, you’re bound to find several items that you’re comfortable [more…]

How to Use eBay’s Bidding Management Tools

Most eBay users don’t know the extent of eBay’s seller-specific services. And sometimes sellers are so involved with selling that they don’t take the time to find out about new helper tools. Even if you’ve [more…]

How to Download SeaMonkey Composer for Your eBay Listings

Few things in this life are absolute necessities, but photos and good design definitely are when it comes to a successful eBay business. It’s a good idea to start developing templates by building a simple [more…]

Create an eBay Listing with SeaMonkey Composer

SeaMonkey Composer is a great free tool that can be used to create your eBay listings. Once your business is in full swing, you’ll soon realize that it’s the little differences that will get your product [more…]

How to Format Your Images for eBay Listings

The prime concern to have about the pictures you put on eBay is size — that’s right; in this case, size does matter. If you are using eBay’s Picture Hosting services, images need to be at least 500 pixels [more…]

How to Find a Digital Camera for Great eBay Product Images

For eBay use, the most you need from a camera is a miniscule 2 megapixels, or 1600 x 1200 in size, which allows for cropping. Images uploaded to eBay’s picture hosting are optimal when they’re at least [more…]

How to Use a Scanner to Capture Images for Your eBay Listings

Scanners have come a long way in the past few years and will likely be a handy helper for your eBay Listings photos. A once-expensive item can now be purchased new for a little more than a [more…]

How to Get Good Lighting for Your eBay Images

Trying to take good pictures of your eBay merchandise can be frustrating. If you don’t have enough light and use the camera’s flash, the image might be washed out. If you take the item outside, the sun [more…]

Great Tools for Staging Your eBay Photos

Photographs can help sell your eBay merchandise, so you need to take this part of your business seriously. Of course, if you sell only one type of item, you won’t need such a varied selection of stuff, [more…]

Guidelines for Photographing Your eBay Items

The idea behind using images in your eBay auctions is to attract tons of potential buyers. With that goal in mind, you should try to create the best-looking images possible, no matter what kind of technology [more…]

How to Photograph Shiny Items with a Cloud Dome

eBay is a perfect venue to sell collectibles, things like antiques or rare coins. The problem with coins and other shiny objects is that digital pictures will often make your beautiful silver coins look [more…]

How to Prepare Clothing to Photograph for eBay Listings

When photographing apparel for eBay, the one rule is: Take the best picture you can and move on to the next item so that you can hurry up and list all the items for sale. Period. [more…]

How to Improve Your eBay Product Photos

Pictures don’t always come out of the camera in perfect form for your eBay Listing. However, with just a little extra work, you can do a few tweaks to bring them into perfection range: [more…]

Edit your eBay Pictures for Free on

Most people have moments where they can be lazy. When it comes to editing your images for eBay, you’re probably still looking for a magic wand. Sometimes you may even be too lazy to open a program. So [more…]

How to Prepare and Upload eBay Pictures with Fast Photos

If PhotoShop is too expensive and complex (it really is for eBay purposes), you might be happy giving Fast Photos by Pixby Software a try. It’s a simple, all-in-one photo-editing program designed especially [more…]

How to Use eBay’s Picture Hosting

You might want to make your first move to take advantage of the 12 free pictures per listing from eBay’s Picture Hosting. First, it’s available at no charge; second, Picture Hosting offers many other benefits [more…]

How to Upload Your Pictures Using eBay's Picture Services

For organization’s sake, you might consider making a subfolder called eBay Photos in your Pictures folder. That way you can always find your eBay pictures quickly, without searching through photos of your [more…]

How to Upload Images to Your ISP Using FireFTP

If you have a website, no doubt you have plenty of storage space. Make a new folder and store your images for your eBay sales there. Here are some easy ways to upload your pictures to your website and [more…]

Use Free Web Space to Store Your eBay Pictures

There is free web space available to store your eBay pictures. Although most people love the word free, in real life it seems like nothing is really free. [more…]

Deciding on a Web Host for Your Online eBay Business

If you’ve been on the Internet for any length of time, you’ve been bombarded by hosting offers for your eBay business through your daily spam. A web-hosting company houses your website code and electronically [more…]

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website for Selling eBay Merchandise

What to name the baby, er, website? It’s almost as much of a dilemma as deciding on your eBay user ID or eBay store name. If you don’t have an existing company name that you want to use, why not use the [more…]

How to Register a Domain Name for Your eBay Store

Choosing a registrar (the company that handles the registering of your site name) for your eBay business is as important as choosing the right web host. You must remember that the Internet is still a little [more…]

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