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How to Upload Listings to eBay with Turbo Lister

After you’ve input a few listings, you may want to upload them so they will become active on eBay. Turbo Lister makes it easy to upload items from your items Inventory on your computer to eBay. Start in [more…]

Calculating Final Value Fees for Your eBay Auction Items

eBay’s version of the Hollywood back-end deal is the Final Value Fee. Big stars get a bonus when their movies do well at the box office; eBay gets a cut when your item sells. When the revenue is posted [more…]

Guidelines for Setting Shipping Charges for eBay Items

Buyers who visit the eBay site are bargain shoppers. They want to get their items at the lowest possible prices, including shipping. They’re more cognizant about the “hidden” expense buried in the item’s [more…]

How to Use eBay's Shipping Calculator

When your item weighs two pounds or more, you may want to use eBay’s versatile shipping calculator to determine your flat shipping-and-handling cost or to quote a calculated shipping cost. Using the shipping [more…]

Manage Your eBay Business with Selling Manager

It may be time to start investing in tools to keep your eBay business professional. Selling Manager is the first tool that can help smooth your transition makes the process of running eBay auctions and [more…]

How to Sell Items on eBay through Fixed Price Sales

Because e-commerce has morphed and consumer preferences have changed, you need to consider a more balanced approach to your eBay sales. Only after trial and error will you know how your specific products [more…]

How to Sell Items on eBay with, founded in July 1999, was the brainchild of Joshua Kopelman and is now owned by eBay. He observed the insufficiencies of retailing in the area of used mass-market merchandise and went to work [more…]

How to List Multiples of an Item for Sale on eBay with Variations

Whether you have 20 of one item, or the same item in different variations (size or color), eBay has a handy way to list multiple items in one listing. For a fixed-price sale for multiple items that are [more…]

How to Set Bids, Prices, and Reserves on eBay

What do a baseball autographed by JFK, a used walkie-talkie, and a Jaguar have in common? They started with a $.99 minimum bid. eBay requires you to set a [more…]

How to Use the My eBay Active Selling Page

With Active Selling page, you can easily keep an eye on any questions you receive from buyers, open offers, bids/reserves met, your fixed-price sales, and the progress of your auctions. [more…]

What an eBay End-of-Auction E-mail Tells You

eBay sends out an end-of-transaction e-mail to both the buyer and the seller. The e-mail is informative to the seller and a welcome e-mail for the buyer. It’s brightly colored and joyful, probably designed [more…]

How to Set Up a Consignment Business on eBay

Consignment sales are a popular way for you to help non-techie types by selling their items on eBay. Lots of sellers do it, and several retail locations base their business on it. Essentially you take [more…]

What Should You Charge for Consignment Sales on eBay?

Several chains have opened up across the country with brick-and-mortar locations accepting merchandise from the general public to sell on eBay. By becoming an official Trading Assistant, you can compete [more…]

Know Your Responsibilities as an eBay Trading Assistant

What is an eBay Trading Assistant? Simply put, an eBay Trading Assistant sells merchandise for people on eBay. A more complex definition is that a Trading Assistant [more…]

How to Advertise Your Services as an eBay Trading Assistant

If all the advertising you do is your Grand Opening ad and nothing after, it won’t be long before your eBay Trading Assistant Business will be doing a Going Out of Business Sale. Consider these tips as [more…]

Selling Merchandise from Drop-Shippers on eBay

A drop-shipper is a business that stocks merchandise, sells the merchandise to you (the eBay reseller), but ships it directly to your customer. By using a drop-shipper, you transfer the risks of buying [more…]

How to Find a Good Drop-Shipper for Your eBay Business

Thousands of web companies are aching to help you set up your eBay business. Some of them are good solid companies with legitimate backgrounds, but others are just trying to get your money. These guys [more…]

Defining the Players in the Wholesale Business

When you’re in business, you can’t just consider yourself a retailer; you have to be a marketer too. eBay enables sellers in the United States to market across a massive geographic area. You’ve heard of [more…]

Researching the Market to Find What and When to Sell on eBay

Just as successful stockbrokers know about individual companies, they also need to know about the marketplace as a whole. eBay sellers need to take a similar viewpoint. To get a leg up on your competition [more…]

Watch Trends to Find Lucrative eBay Selling Opportunities

Catching trends is all about listening and looking to catch those eBay selling opportunities. You can find all kinds of inside information from newspapers, magazines, television, and of course, the Internet [more…]

How to Use eBay's Tools to Find Out What Buyers Are Looking For

Everyone wants to know what the hot ticket is on the eBay site. They want to know what’s selling best so that they can run out, buy it, and make big money [more…]

How to Find Items to Resell on eBay

Check your favorite eBay category and see what the hot-selling item is. Better yet, go to your favorite store and make friends with the manager. After you’re armed with the information you need, search [more…]

Get a License to Buy Merchandise Wholesale to Resell on eBay

Purchasing wholesale merchandise to resell on eBay may require that you have your state’s resale license, which identifies you as being in the business. Be sure that you have one before you try to purchase [more…]

Check Out Wholesale Merchandise Marts to Find eBay Items to Sell

Should you be lucky enough to live in a major metropolitan area you may buy eBay merchandise in a merchandise or fashion mart near you. These are giant complexes that hold as many as several thousand lines [more…]

Buy Merchandise to Resell on eBay from Wholesale Trade Shows

Trade shows are commonly held in convention centers, hotels, and local merchandise marts and are good sources for eBay merchandise. A super source for finding gift shows is [more…]