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Online Sources to Help You Price eBay Collectibles

Many websites devoted to different collectible areas list prices at recently completed auctions. This information is useful to sellers on eBay. These auctions are the best evaluation of an item's value [more…]

Where to Find Authentication Services for eBay Collectibles

If you are selling (or buying) on eBay, you need a way to authenticate your collectibles. Some companies provide the service of authenticating or authenticating and grading [more…]

How to Create a Good eBay Listing

When you write descriptions for the items you list for eBay auctions, be sure that you describe your items clearly and completely. Mention everything about the article; if the item is used or damaged, [more…]

How to Become an eBay PowerSeller

If you have been selling items on eBay for any length of time, you've seen the PowerSeller logo on auctions. eBay PowerSellers represent the largest-gross-sales users on eBay. The requirements for becoming [more…]

What to Do When an eBay Bidder Doesn't Pay You

If there's one thing that just isn't tolerated at eBay, it's unpaid items. eBay reminds all potential buyers before they place a bid that winning buyers enter into a legally binding contract to purchase [more…]

How to Sell Items on Consignment on eBay

Lots of eBay sellers let you sell items on consignment, and several retail locations base their business on consignment sales. You take possession of the item from the owner and sell it on eBay. You're [more…]

Creating a Payment Received and Shipping Notice

Staying in constant communication with your eBay buyers will make them feel more secure with you and with buying on eBay. When you receive payment and have shipped the item, sending a short note helps [more…]

Sending a Payment Reminder to a Forgetful eBay Buyer

Writing a payment reminder to a forgetful eBay customer can get sticky. You don't want to aggravate the buyer, but time is wasting, and you could spend this time reposting your item. When writing a payment [more…]

Creating a Notification Letter to Send to eBay Auction Winners

Taking the time to create a friendly notification letter to send to the winning bidders of your eBay auctions is just good business. Have you ever received a bulk-generated, boilerplate winner's confirmation [more…]

Creating a Merchant Account for Your eBay Business

If your eBay business is bringing in more than $20,000 a month, a credit card merchant account may be for you. At that level of sales, discounts kick in and your credit card processing becomes a source [more…]

Using Costco Credit Card Processing for eBay Sales

If you're running an eBay auction business or store, you know that accepting credit card payments can be expensive. However, Costso offers some true discount credit card processing: a one-stop merchant [more…]

Selling Cars and Car Parts on eBay Motors

Anything and everything automotive can go in the eBay Motors category, and it will sell like giant tires at a monster truck rally. Following are just a few of the car-related items that fit in this category [more…]

Adding eBay's View Counter and Buy It Now to Your Listing

eBay buyers like gadgets and widgets. As a seller, you can add a View Counter and a Buy It Now button for you auction items. These tools don't just look snazzy, they boost your eBay sales. [more…]

Writing eBay Listings that Create Sales

eBay is a person-to-person marketplace. Although many sellers are businesses, the perception is that sellers on eBay are individuals earning a living (versus big business). Using the homespun personal [more…]

Using Props to Improve Your eBay Photos

To take good photos of your eBay auction items, you need some props. Although you may think it strange that a line item in your accounting program will read [more…]

Where to Store Your eBay Images

You need a safe place to store your pictures for eBay. If your images don't appear when someone clicks your auction, or if your images take too long to load, a user might click off your auction and go [more…]

Alternative eBay Electronic Payment Options

eBay allows buyers to pay in several ways, and although PayPal is the most common payment method, other options are available. Person-to-person payment systems allow buyers to authorize payments from their [more…]

Selling on eBay with PayPal

PayPal allows eBay buyers to safely click and pay with a credit card, instant transfer, or e-check directly from eBay (or thousands of other online stores) after they've won an auction or made a purchase [more…]

Ramping Up Your Business

You started out slowly selling on eBay; now you’re thinking about devoting more time to your eBay business, because you think have the beginnings of a real-live e-business. You’re going to need a few things [more…]

Knowing What to Sell in Your Store

The key to successfully selling items at eBay is to find things people actually want to buy at the right price. That might seem obvious, but having stuff to [more…]

Stocking Your Store

If you’re not sure what you want to sell for profit at eBay — but you’re a shop-till-you-drop person by nature — then you’ve got an edge. Incorporate your advanced shopping techniques into your daily routine [more…]

Find Items to Sell as a Micro-Entrepreneur

One opportunity for you as a micro-entrepreneur is to buy items at a low price and sell them at a profit. To build an inventory of items for your micro-entrepreneurial business, focus on paying the smallest [more…]

Sell Items Online at a Profit as a Micro-Entrepreneur

One opportunity for micro-entrepreneurs is to buy items at low prices and sell them at a profit. It’s easy for micro-entrepreneurs to find items selling at bargain prices in today’s economy. Before you [more…]

Choose a Sales Format for Your eBay Merchandise

eBay offers several options to sell your merchandise on the site. You can sell via fixed- price listings, or you may run traditional auctions. Other types of listings — Best Offer [more…]

Using eBay Marketing Tools to Increase Your Sales

eBay offers vendors who sell on the site some promotional aids, located under the Marketing Tools heading. You can perform many tasks that help bring customers to your store [more…]