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Placing Photos Inline with Your Text

Buyers love seeing pictures of the products in your auctions. That's why eBay lets you add a free picture to every auction you post. Of course, eBay also offers you the [more…]

Monitoring Your Auction Action as a Seller

To find out whether anyone has bid on an item you are selling, go to your My eBay page and click the Selling link. [more…]

How to Prove You're Trustworthy on eBay with ID Verify

To show other eBay members that you’re an honest type — and to get special privileges when you’re a newbie on eBay — you can buy eBay's “trust but verify” option, known as [more…]

How to Protect High-Cost eBay Transactions with, eBay’s official escrow service, makes it more comfortable for an eBay buyer to proceed with transactions over $2000, which is the upper limit for PayPal buyer protection. Buyers gain peace [more…]

Deciding How to Insure Your eBay Merchandise when Shipping

It’s a good idea to insure the merchandise you sell on eBay against loss or damage; whether you self-insure an item or insure it through a major carrier generally depends on how much the item is worth. [more…]

How to Grade Collectible eBay Items

As an eBay buyer or seller, one of the keys to establishing the value of an item is knowing the item’s condition, typically referred to as the item’s grade. [more…]

Reserve-Price Auctions on eBay

Unlike a minimum bid, which is required in any eBay auction, a reserve price protects sellers from having to sell an item for less than the minimum amount they want for it. You may be surprised to see [more…]

Selling on eBay Motors

Anything and everything automotive can go in the eBay Motors category, and it will sell like giant tires at a monster truck rally. Following are just a few of the car-related items that fit in the eBay [more…]

How eBay's Buy It Now Option Works

eBay’s Buy It Now (BIN in eBay-speak) option is available for single-item auctions only. This feature allows buyers to purchase an item now. Have you ever wanted an item really badly and you didn’t want [more…]

Holding a Reserve-Price Auction on eBay

When you sell an item on eBay, you can set a reserve price for the item to protect yourself from losing money. The reserve price is the lowest price that must be met before the item can be sold on eBay [more…]

How to Use the Outlook Payment Request Wizard

The Outlook Payment Request Wizard lets you send a PayPal request to a customer through e-mail. After you follow the preceding link and download and install the wizard, you’ll see a new option at the top [more…]

Review Your eBay Auction Listing before Submitting It

After you’ve filled in all the blanks on the Sell an Item form that describes the item you’re selling on eBay, you come to the Preview Your Listing page. Scroll down the page and confirm that all the information [more…]

How to Choose the Right Category for Your eBay Listing

On the first page of eBay's Sell an Item form, you need to select the main category for your item. After you select your main category, you land on the official working portion of the Sell an Item page [more…]

Keep Your Buyer Informed about an eBay Purchase

You probably aren’t going to send out a payment-received letter for every eBay transaction, especially when they’re paid through PayPal. But it would surely be nice if you did. Staying in constant communication [more…]

How to Upload Your eBay Images to AOL

If you upload your eBay images to AOL, you’ll notice that AOL handles image uploads a bit differently from other ISPs. Many people love AOL because it provides an easy, step-by-step interface. As you probably [more…]

Popular Web Hosting Services for Your eBay Store

If you're looking for a Web-hosting service for your online eBay business, before deciding on a company, you should check out the different services available. Here are some of the better-known Web hosting [more…]

How to Download and Install the Outlook Payment Request Wizard

The Outlook Payment Request Wizard enables you to give the e-mail that you send to your eBay customers a more professional look by including a custom icon link to a PayPal payment page. If you’re using [more…]

Considerations for Setting Shipping Costs for Your eBay Items

When you set shipping and handling fees on eBay items that you sell, you must take into account every expense involved in your packing and shipping. You can’t make your shipping area a losing proposition [more…]

Tips for eBay Sellers

Selling on the eBay site has its complexities, and eBay sellers compete in a vast online marketplace. Here are a few rules that will help make your sales a success: [more…]

Purchasing Items to Resell on eBay

The biggest question someone with an eBay business has to face is this: Where do I find good stuff to sell on eBay? Try these hints for stocking up on items for your eBay auctions: [more…]

U.S. Time Zone Chart for eBay Sellers

Successful eBay sellers are always aware of the time zone differences across the United States. When you have an item listed for auction on eBay, you want as many people as possible to have the opportunity [more…]

Becoming a Great eBay Seller

So your eBay bug has morphed from selling as a hobby to building an eBay business. Becoming a great eBay seller means there's a great deal of work — and a lot of fun — ahead of you. Follow these tips for [more…]

Taking Quality Pictures of eBay Items

Taking a quality photo of an item that you want to sell in an eBay auction is important. These eBay photography tips will help you present a professional image to enhance your merchandise and fetch top [more…]

Starting an eBay Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you've decided to move from listing a few items on eBay to starting your own eBay business, make sure you follow some general eBay selling guidelines; take quality photos of your items; figure out the [more…]

Using Facebook and Twitter to Boost Your eBay Sales

Lots of folks are on Facebook and Twitter for business reasons. Like them, you can use your Facebook page and your Twitter accounts to bolster your eBay sales. Before you can have a business page on Facebook [more…]