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For Seniors: How to Use HTML to Give Your eBay About Me Page a Custom Look

In the paragraphs of your eBay About Me page, you can use HTML, a markup language used on the Web, to add images or fancy text. These unique-to-eBay HTML codes give your About Me page a custom look. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Reach People with Your eBay My World Page

The eBay My World page is another free tool that helps you establish your eBay presence. If blogging (online journaling) is the key to the new Web, then your My World page is the hub of your eBay user [more…]

For Seniors: How to Become a Top-Rated Seller on eBay

Being a Top-rated seller on eBay has its privileges, and any Top-rated seller has a badge next to his member’s user ID. The Top-rated seller designation is given to only those eBay PowerSellers who uphold [more…]

For Seniors: How to Figure Out the eBay Store Fee Structure

When you have an eBay Store, the fee structure includes other fees as well. In addition to the monthly rental fee, you have listing fees, optional listing-upgrade fees, and Final Value Fees. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Help eBay Be a Bidding and Selling Watchdog

You can help eBay be a watchdog. As a member of the eBay community, you can — and should — report bidding and selling abuses to the eBay staffers at the Security & Resolution Center. The Security Center [more…]

For Seniors: How to Join eBay Community Boards, Chats, and Groups

Joining and participating in eBay community boards, chats, and groups can help establish your eBay presence. You can connect to the people and happenings on eBay through the navigation bar’s handy Community [more…]

For Seniors: How to Choose among eBay Store Types

When you open an eBay Store, you have your choice between several types. All types of eBay Stores are on a level playing field and are equally searchable from the eBay Stores hub page. All eBay Stores [more…]

For Seniors: How to Become an eBay PowerSeller

eBay PowerSellers have to maintain certain monthly levels of gross merchandise sales (total dollar amount of eBay sales — GMS in eBay-speak), and they get there by providing good items for sale and excellent [more…]

For Seniors: How to Build Your eBay About Me Page

After you plan your eBay About Me page, you’re ready to build it. You have several ways to get to the spot on eBay where you can create your About Me page. Here’s the simplest way is to create your About [more…]


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