Searching on eBay

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Finding Your Destination with the eBay Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is at the top of every eBay page and lists five links that take you directly to different eBay areas. Hovering over some of the links reveals a subnavigation list with links to other [more…]

How to Run a Bidder Search on eBay

By performing a bidder search on eBay, you can find out information on bidders who’ve beaten you in recent auctions. You can run a bidder search by following these steps: [more…]

Buying Refurbished Electronics on eBay

You can find great deals on refurbished electronic merchandise on eBay. Unfortunately, refurbished merchandise gets an unnecessarily bad rap. Very smart people may tell you to be wary of refurbished merchandise [more…]

How to Buy Items Outright on eBay

Although eBay’s success was built on auctions, eBay also allows sellers to handle outright sales. If you don’t have the time or patience for an auction, you can make a direct purchase [more…]

Search for Misspellings to Find Deals on eBay

Some of the best buys on eBay are the result of searching for misspellings. Many sellers are in a hurry when they set up their auction listings, and to err is human [more…]

Tips for Improving eBay Search Results

You can refine an eBay advanced search even further by using more of the options offered in the Advanced Search area. Don’t be intimidated; you need to understand just a few more bells and whistles. [more…]

Types of Advanced Searches on eBay

The single most important button on any eBay page is the Search button. When you type some keywords in the search text box and click this button, you’ll be presented with a list of items that match your [more…]

How to Do an Advanced eBay Search

You can make your eBay search as complex as you want by using the gazillions of options on the Advanced Search page. You can also choose to keep it somewhat basic. The basic Find Items search is a bit [more…]

How to Search for eBay Items by Seller

One search option in the eBay Items search area helps you find items by seller. After spending time on eBay, you’ll find that you have favorite sellers. You can always access a seller’s other items for [more…]

Research Your Item Before Buying on eBay

Sometimes you find what you think is an incredible deal on eBay. However a little research can help. It may well be a steal, especially if you know that the retail price is, say, [more…]

How to Use eBay Categories to Find an Auction Item

Understanding eBay’s categories was a lot easier when there were just a few. Now that the total number of categories is around 20,000 — including child [more…]

How to Search for eBay Items by Bidder

On the eBay Advanced Search page is the Items by Bidder option. Sellers and buyers alike use it when an auction is going on to figure out their strategies. A bidder search is similar to a seller search [more…]

How to Refine Your eBay Search Results

With the growth of eBay, search results have become more and more complex. But the results page gives you lots of extra clues for narrowing your quest and homing in on exactly what you want. These clues [more…]

How to Use the eBay Search Box

You can start a search from the eBay home page by using the search box. It's right there at the top of the home page, with the Search button next to it. It's a fast way of finding item listings. [more…]

How to Use the eBay Advanced Search Box

One of the most important buttons on the eBay page is the Advanced link next to the search box. When you click here, you're whisked away to the Advanced Search: Find Items page, which promptly presents [more…]

How to Use eBay's Advanced Search Page

On eBay, when you click the Advanced Search link to the right of the Search box, the Search page appears. It's the most basic of searches (with a few options) and the one you'll be using the most. [more…]

How to Find Sold Items on eBay

To the left of the search results on eBay's Advanced Search page (if you scroll all the way down), you'll see options listed under Show Only so you can limit what you see to certain items. If you click [more…]

How to Search for a Specific Seller on eBay

In eBay's Advanced Search, locate the By Seller link in the links on the left; the By Seller pages show you a list of all the items a seller is selling, and it's a great way for you to keep tabs on people [more…]

Shortcuts for a Quick eBay Search

After you become familiar with each of eBay's search options, you need a crash course in what words to type into those nice little boxes. Too little information and you may not find your item. Too much [more…]

How to Search for eBay Members

With millions of eBay users on the loose, you may think tracking folks down is hard. Nope. eBay's powerful search engine kicks into high gear to help you find other eBay members in seconds. [more…]