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How to Find Out an eBay Item's Bidding History

You can access the bidding history of an item on eBay by clicking the Number of Bids link, which appears to the right of the current bid on the item page. The bidding history lists everyone who is bidding [more…]

Strategies to Help You Outsmart the Bidding Competition on eBay

Your two cents do matter — at least on eBay. Here's why: Many eBay members tend to round off their bids to the nearest dollar figure. Some choose nice, familiar coin increments such as 25, 50, or 75 cents [more…]

eBay Auction Strategy by the Clock

You can use different bidding strategies depending on how much time is left in an eBay auction. By paying attention to the clock, you can find out about your competition, beat them out, and end up paying [more…]

How to Use a Laid-Back Bidding Strategy on eBay

Sometimes the best strategy at the beginning of an eBay auction is to do nothing at all. That's right; relax, take off your shoes, and loaf. Go ahead. You may want to make a [more…]

How to Use a Beat-the-Clock Bidding Strategy on eBay

You should rev up your eBay bidding strategy during the final 24 hours of an auction and decide, once and for all, whether you really have to have the item you've been eyeing. Maybe you put in a maximum [more…]


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