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How to Prove You're Trustworthy on eBay with ID Verify

To show other eBay members that you’re an honest type — and to get special privileges when you’re a newbie on eBay — you can buy eBay's “trust but verify” option, known as [more…]

How to Protect High-Cost eBay Transactions with, eBay’s official escrow service, makes it more comfortable for an eBay buyer to proceed with transactions over $2000, which is the upper limit for PayPal buyer protection. Buyers gain peace [more…]

Buying from Sellers with PayPal Buyer Protection

As a buyer who pays for eBay items through PayPal, you can be covered against fraud under the PayPal Buyer Protection plan. The maximum level of coverage varies from [more…]

Watch Your eBay Bidding Status with the Active Buying Section

When you place a bid, eBay registers it in the Active Buying area of your My eBay page, and displays a clickable link to the item. This part of your My eBay page gives you quick access to all the auctions [more…]

Researching eBay Bidders to Win an Auction

To find the best price for any item on eBay, you need to research the item to find out what similar items on eBay tend to sell for. But eBay shows you more than just the winning bid; you can gain some [more…]

Finding Your Destination with the eBay Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is at the top of every eBay page and lists five links that take you directly to different eBay areas. Hovering over some of the links reveals a subnavigation list with links to other [more…]

How to Grade Collectible eBay Items

As an eBay buyer or seller, one of the keys to establishing the value of an item is knowing the item’s condition, typically referred to as the item’s grade. [more…]

Multiple-Item, or Dutch, eBay Auctions

A multiple-item, or Dutch, auction on eBay allows a seller to auction multiple identical items. You can bid on as many of the item as you want. To place a bid in a Dutch auction, you must input the amount [more…]

Strategies for Winning a Dutch Auction on eBay

Multiple-item (Dutch) auctions on eBay are funky. Each winner pays the same amount for the item, and multiple-item auctions don’t have a supersecret reserve price. But [more…]

How to Run a Bidder Search on eBay

By performing a bidder search on eBay, you can find out information on bidders who’ve beaten you in recent auctions. You can run a bidder search by following these steps: [more…]

How to Snipe Manually in an eBay Auction

Sniping is the fine art of outbidding your competition in the very last seconds of an eBay auction without leaving them enough time to place a defensive bid. To snipe a bid manually, first make sure you’re [more…]

Buying Refurbished Electronics on eBay

You can find great deals on refurbished electronic merchandise on eBay. Unfortunately, refurbished merchandise gets an unnecessarily bad rap. Very smart people may tell you to be wary of refurbished merchandise [more…]

Paying for an eBay Purchase

When you buy something in a store, you need to check out to pay. eBay isn’t much different. eBay’s checkout is a convenient way to pay for your completed auction or Buy It Now sale with a credit card or [more…]

eBay Time Chart for Auction Timing

eBay’s clock goes by military time in the Pacific time zone, and eBay sellers use it to schedule auction start and end times. Print this chart and keep it by your computer where you can quickly check on [more…]

Tips for eBay Buyers

Buying an item on eBay is an art. You can get some great deals! But before you bid on an auction item or buy a fixed-price listing, follow these tips: [more…]

Leave Feedback on eBay Smartly

When dealing on eBay, you need to take the feedback system seriously. Check a seller’s feedback profile before you buy and follow these tips. Before you send feedback to another eBay member or read feedback [more…]

Avoid These eBay Trading Violations

eBay buyers and sellers can commit trading violations by attempting to manipulate the outcome of an eBay auction or sale. Many of the violations aren't necessarily buyer- or seller-exclusive, but apply [more…]

Spotting eBay Bidding Violations and Problems

Nothing can ruin an eBay seller's day like a difficult bidder. Some eBay bidding violations, such as bid shielding, are unethical. But some eBay bidders, such as someone who asks questions that are clearly [more…]

How to Keep Track of Your eBay Bids


Online Sources to Help You Price eBay Collectibles

Many websites devoted to different collectible areas list prices at recently completed auctions. This information is useful to sellers on eBay. These auctions are the best evaluation of an item's value [more…]

How to Respond to a Buyer's Feedback on eBay

Your eBay feedback means a great deal to people who visit your auctions, and it follows you forever at eBay, so you may need to respond to feedback at some point. By glancing at your feedback page, potential [more…]

Types of Feedback You Can Leave for an eBay Seller

Every eBay member has a feedback rating. Buyers rate sellers (more on that below), and sellers rate buyers — no one is immune. Although sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral feedback for a buyer [more…]

What Feedback Numbers Mean for eBay Users

You know how they say you are what you eat? At eBay, you are only as good as your feedback says you are. Your feedback is made up of comments — good, bad, or neutral — that people leave about you [more…]

What Do the Stars Next to eBay User IDs Mean?

Yes, eBay loves the stars. When you first join eBay, it seems like everyone on eBay has a star next to the user ID except for you. It’s so unfair isn’t it? Well, not really. The stars of many colors are [more…]

Safety Tips for Giving Feedback on eBay

While eBay does a good job of setting up a safe feedback system, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure your own safety. You may want to study up on these tips: [more…]