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For Seniors: How to Use the Menus in eBay

You can use the drop-down menus in eBay to quickly find what you want to do. The drop-down menus are shown as link boxes on the navigation bar (Buy, Sell, My eBay, Community, and Help). [more…]

For Seniors: How to Search eBay

You can search eBay to quickly find items. Right below the eBay logo on the home page is a search box that helps you find items by several methods. You can type title keywords, use a drop-down list to [more…]

For Seniors: How to Sign In to eBay

You can search for items on eBay without signing in, but what fun is that? If you haven’t registered with eBay, you’re pretty much out of luck if you find a great deal on a lamp that’s just what you’ve [more…]

For Seniors: How to Personalize the My eBay Page

The My eBay page is your space to personalize and manage all your eBay activities. After you register, your personal My eBay page helps you track the items you’re watching and bidding on, as well as items [more…]

For Seniors: How to Organize Your eBay Searches

Most eBay users spend their time hunting for specific items — say, Barbie dolls, designer dresses, baseball cards, plumbing supplies, or U.S. stamps. That’s why eBay came up with the Organize area of your [more…]

For Seniors: How to Get Help on eBay

Help is available on eBay, but to be fair, the people at eBay Customer Service are pretty busy. The eBay Customer Service team has millions of customers. many of whom are asking questions and wanting help [more…]

For Seniors: How to Use Keywords to Find What You Want on eBay

A site the size of eBay can be overwhelming, but you can search with keywords to find what you want on eBay. Keywords are usually nouns (plus some adjectives) that you would use to describe your item. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Use Shortcuts in Your eBay Searches

In addition to choosing clear descriptive keywords, you can use special tactics to conduct searches with the eBay search engine so that you can find just what you want on eBay. The following table highlights [more…]

For Seniors: How to Expand or Shrink an eBay Search

You can expand or shrink an eBay search to quickly find what you want. Scrolling down a search results page can open up even more options — called Preferences — for finding just what you want on eBay. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Narrow Your eBay Search in a Category

You can refine your eBay search by narrowing it down to a category. When you click a category listed under Refine Search, you’ll get closer to what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re searching [more…]

For Seniors: How to Read an eBay Listing

All eBay listing pages — whether auctions, fixed-price items, or Buy It Now items — look about the same. At the top left of the page, you see the item picture; the top middle shows the item title. When [more…]

For Seniors: How to Understand eBay Acronyms

When you shop on eBay, you’re going to come across some acronyms in item titles. Knowing what these acronyms stand for ahead of time (so you don’t have to click every item) will help you quickly figure [more…]

For Seniors: How to Find the Details on an eBay Listing

You can find a lot of detail on an eBay listing if you take the time scroll farther down. When you do, you see three tabs that take you to the details of the eBay listing. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Examine the Seller and Item Info on eBay

You need to carefully review the seller and item info on eBay. On the right side of an eBay listing page, you see two stacked boxes. The top box is the Seller [more…]

For Seniors: How to Conduct the Full-Scale Seller Investigation on eBay

When you consider buying a more expensive item on eBay, be sure to click the seller’s feedback number (beside the seller’s user ID in the Seller Info box) when you visit the auction listing. Clicking the [more…]

For Seniors: How Know What Other Laws Affect eBay Business

When you see on eBay, you have to follow the laws that affect eBay business. The U.S. government uses two laws on the books to go after eBay outlaws. One is the Federal Trade Commission [more…]

For Seniors: How to Categorize and Describe Your eBay Item

Before you list your item for sale on eBay, determine the specific category people will look for it in. On eBay, this category is where you want to list your item that you want to sell. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Take Good Pictures of Your eBay Items

Adding photos to your eBay listings helps attract potential buyers. Try to create the best-looking images possible, no matter what kind of technology you’re using to capture them. A point-and-shoot camera [more…]

For Seniors: How to Prepare Fast-Loading Photos for Your eBay Item

Selling an item eBay works best with pictures. But potential buyers don’t want to wait all day to see photos of what you’re selling. Follow this checklist of tried-and-true techniques for preparing fast-loading [more…]

For Seniors: Picking the Right eBay Listing for Your Sale

You have three ways to sell an item on eBay — auction, fixed price, and Buy It Now. You can decide which type of eBay listing is best for you. An online auction is the tried-and-true traditional sale format [more…]

For Seniors: How to Make Your First eBay Sale

Establishing yourself as an eBay seller isn’t as difficult as you might think; you just need to do a bit of homework and get to know the ropes. The key to making your first eBay sale is to start small [more…]

For Seniors: How to Find Items in Your House to Sell on eBay

Finding merchandise to sell on eBay is as easy as checking your garage — and as tough as clambering up into the attic. You can sell on eBay just about anything you bought and stashed away [more…]

For Seniors: How to Research the Item You’re Selling on eBay

Before you list an item to sell in an eBay auction, you need to do some research to find out as much information as you can about the items you intend to sell. Here are some ideas for researching what [more…]

For Seniors: How to Know When to Sell Your Item on eBay

Experienced eBay sellers know that when planning a sale, timing is almost everything. You need to know when to sell your item on eBay. Fur coats don’t sell well in July, and as a collectible seller you [more…]

For Seniors: How to Figure Out eBay Selling Fees

Unlike traditional businesses, on eBay, you don’t have to spend much money to sell your items. eBay keeps selling fees low and volume high. eBay does, however, charge sellers for selling their wares on [more…]

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