iPhone & iPad Web Design - Planning

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Keep File Sizes Small for iPhone and iPad

When you design websites for the iPhone and iPad, you need to adjust images to have the best quality while occupying the smallest possible file size. These qualifications ensure that images download as [more…]

Optimize Images in Photoshop for iPhone and iPad

You must use a graphics-editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks, to create graphics for the web when designing for the iPhone and iPad. You can use the Save for Web dialog in Adobe Photoshop [more…]

Choose Image Resolution for iPad and iPhone

The “wow factor” of the iPhone and iPad is that they’re well suited to displaying beautiful, lifelike images. For the web designer, displaying images correctly on the iPad and iPhone is an undertaking [more…]

Insert Images into Page Designs for iPhone

You can insert images into web pages designed for the iPhone and iPad just as you would insert them into any other web page, using the HTML image tag.

The following well-crafted image tag inserts a photograph [more…]

Resize Graphics and Photos for iPad and iPhone

Resizing web images for display on the iPad and iPhone is important for two reasons: The images must be small enough to display well on a computer monitor and to download quickly to a user’s computer. [more…]

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