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A Checkout System for Your Mobile Site

If everything goes well, you ultimately guide your shoppers on your mobile website to the checkout: the place where the key action — money moving out of shoppers’ accounts and into yours — happens. As [more…]

The Mobile Commerce Opportunity

Mobile commerce is growing fast — the team at the Morgan Stanley investment bank believe strongly enough to conduct high-level business that they built an exclusive iPad app [more…]

Compare Mobile Commerce Solutions

When adding shopping carts and other e-commerce services to your mobile site, you can choose from many options. Many familiar brands, such as PayPal and Google, have made major efforts to migrate their [more…]

Follow Mobile Design Do's and Don'ts

What makes mobile commerce so exciting is that the mobile web puts your store in your customers’ pockets wherever they go, in their iPhone or iPad.

Before you get too excited by visions of ’round-the-clock [more…]

Mobile Commerce: Identify Target Customers for Your Online Store

In mobile commerce, identifying target customers is one of the most valuable tasks to complete before creating your website store. Target customers are those most likely to spend money on your products [more…]

How to Add a Shopping Cart with Dreamweaver

If you sell your merchandise through a static website, insert the shopping cart button(s) by using whatever tool you used to construct the site. The example here uses Dreamweaver, the industry-standard [more…]

Your Mobile Commerce Site: Work Behind the Scenes

Broadly speaking, the back end of your mobile commerce site includes all the things that your customers don’t see. Think of this as your stockroom where you store all your stuff on shelves, next to filing [more…]

Secure Transactions with Your Mobile Customers

Security is one of the biggest hurdles that mobile commerce has to clear. Your customers watch TV ads about having their identities and credit card numbers stolen [more…]

Mobile Commerce: Calculate Taxes, Shipping, and Handling

After your mobile customers buy your goods on your site from their iPhone or iPad, the back end of your system needs some way of getting that merchandise to them. Whether you offer digital downloads, package [more…]

Use Amazon Payments for Your Mobile Commerce Site

Amazon's powerful and flexible payment engine allows users who are already familiar with, and trust, the Amazon brand to purchase goods from your website by using their Amazon customer ID. The advantage [more…]

Use PayPal for Your Mobile Commerce Site

PayPal is highly customizable and offers a wide range of services, broad international e-commerce support, and everything from simple one-click buttons to high-end transaction services that you can integrate [more…]

Use Google Checkout for Your Mobile Commerce Site

Google has spent enormous amounts of time and money developing a whole host of other products and services to go along with its core business of being the top search engine on the planet. Google has a [more…]

Check Out Mobile Commerce Payment Solutions

Most mobile sites are best served by the latest online m-commerce tools, which combine the flexibility of displaying merchandise on your own site with offloading the heavy-duty banking and money-transfer [more…]

Use CardinalCommerce for Your Mobile Commerce Site

CardinalCommerce, shown in the figure, has partnered with Sprint to provide the back-end payment solution for the new Sprint Mobile Wallet. Although CardinalCommerce formerly specialized in handling large [more…]

Use Boku and AT&T for Your Mobile Commerce Site

Not to be outdone, days after Sprint announced its partnership with CardinalCommerce, AT&T announced that it would team up with startup company Boku to provide mobile payments. [more…]

Share Offers via Image Recognition

The exciting innovation of image recognition in advertising lets users take pictures of any object with their phones’ camera — say, the label on a bottle of wine or the cover of a book — and find more [more…]

How to Create Online 2D Barcodes for Your Mobile Site

The term QR code seems almost synonymous with 2D barcode because the use of QR codes is free of any license fees, dozens of websites and services make it easy to create QR codes, and most mobile devices [more…]

Use Rich Media Ads for Your Mobile Site

If you’re not including video, animation, and other interactive features in your iPhone and iPad designs, you’re missing out on the most innovative aspect of these new devices. [more…]

Reach Facebook’s 500 Million Users

With an Oscar-nominated movie and more than 500 million users, the social networking site that started out as Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to make Harvard’s yearbook more interactive online has become a global [more…]

Leverage Online Word-of-Mouth for Your Site

One of the biggest shifts brought about by the rise of the Internet, and the empowerment of any average computer user to reach a potentially global audience, has been the increase in the power of what [more…]

Get Your Mobile Site Ranked on Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites rank the popularity of web pages by the number of votes they get. The result is that these sites are excellent resources for people who want to keep up with what’s popular online [more…]

Market Your Mobile Website to the Media

The iPhone and iPad are hot topics in the media these days. When you finish designing your site for these new media devices, don’t forget to promote them to traditional media outlets. [more…]

Market Your Mobile Website

The mobile web brings some exciting innovations in promotion, but also brings many challenges. Advertising on mobile devices seems, at first glance, to be a losing game. The screen is a tiny fraction of [more…]

Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly

After you go to all the trouble to make your website work well on the iPhone and iPad, don’t forget to make it search engine friendly as well. Although many of the same rules of search engine optimization [more…]

Market with SMS Messages

The length of Short Message Service (SMS), or text,messages is limited to 160 characters, so your advertising message has to be short and sweet. These messages can contain links to websites or [more…]


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