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Use a Dedicated FTP Program to Publish

If you prefer to use a dedicated FTP program rather than Dreamweaver’s built-in features to publish your website for iPhone and iPad, you can download FTP programs for the Mac and PC. [more…]

Publish a Mobile Website with Adobe Dreamweaver

After you create and test your website for iPhone and iPad so that it’s ready to publish on the web, you can use Dreamweaver’s publishing tools to upload your site to your web server. Which features you [more…]

Set up Dreamweaver’s FTP Features

After you gather your FTP information, you’re ready to set up Dreamweaver’s FTP publishing features and publish your mobile website. The good news is that you have to do it only once. [more…]

Publishing Files to a Web Server with FTP

You can upload pages to your server and download pages from your server using the built-in FTP capabilities of Dreamweaver.

To transfer files between your hard drive and a remote server [more…]

Choose a Mobile Domain

You can upload your mobile web page files to your web server using FTP, just as you would upload the files of any desktop website. The real challenge is deciding where to put your mobile version. [more…]

Use Built-in iPhone Capabilities in Web Design

When you include a phone number on a web page, the iPhone recognizes it and automatically makes it possible for a user to place a call by touching the number. If a user touches [more…]

Detect and Direct Mobile Devices

Before delving into the details of the most complex ways of managing device detection, this section begins with an overview. If you want to deliver different versions of a website to the thousands of different [more…]

Send the Right Web Content to an iPhone

After you determine whether a visitor to your site is using an iPhone or an iPad, you can hide content from either device as you deliver each page. In the [more…]

Determine the Mobile Device Type

In the contact page example, and in the following code sample, you see how to check the user agent for key terms that indicate which type of browser is being used to visit your site. The [more…]

Set Up Simple Browser Detection

Using CSS, you can apply different rules to iPhones and iPads to optimize how your site looks. You can alter how a page appears in landscape or portrait view, and you can hide certain parts of a page when [more…]

User Agents and Device Detection

When you open a web page, your web browser sends a user agent string to the server that hosts the website. This string essentially introduces your browser to the server, describing which browser version [more…]

Develop a Device Detection System

The basic concept behind device detection is straightforward: The website identifies the visitor’s device when it arrives, then sends the visitor the optimal version of a web page based on what the server [more…]

Making Your Blog Mobile Friendly with Plug-Ins

A plug-in is a software package that you can add to a blog to enhance its features. You can use plug-ins to fight off spammers, add your Twitter feed to a sidebar, integrate Google Maps into your blog, [more…]

Add the WordPress Mobile Pack

If you’re looking for a single simple tool that can take care of everything you need to make your blog mobile-friendly, the WordPress Mobile Pack is the plug-in for you. Just add the plug-in through the [more…]

Tweak the Mobile Switcher

With the WordPress Mobile Pack plug-in installed on your blog, the first thing that greets your visitors is the mobile switcher. Before you get into customizing how this nifty bit of code works, here’s [more…]

Choose Widgets to Display on Your Blog

If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably added a widget or two (or ten). After you set up your WordPress blog for the mobile web using WordPress Mobile Pack, follow these steps to display widgets for your [more…]

Create a Secret E-mail Address for Blogging

Before you start blogging via e-mail, you have to create a unique e-mail address to send your blog posts to. The creation process will vary depending on the way your web-hosting service or e-mail is set [more…]

Convert E-mails into WordPress Posts

Blogging is one of the simplest and most popular ways to publish on the web. If actors and politicians can run their own blogs, well, then just about anyone should be able to pull it off, right? [more…]

Use Google Maps for Your Mobile Site

A fun way to engage users of your mobile website and take advantage of the unique powers of the mobile web is to create a photo gallery integrated with a [more…]

Web 2.0 Opportunities for Your Mobile Site

Though some people maintain that Web 2.0 is one of the more nebulous "buzz phrases" ever inflicted on the unsuspecting populace, it generally refers to the art of including in your web pages interactive [more…]

Add a Facebook Like Button to Your Mobile Site

In the summer of 2010, Facebookannounced that it had more than 150 million mobile users. At about the same time, surveys showed that the most popular use of the mobile web on iPhones, after checking e-mail [more…]

Ask Users What They Think with a Poll

Embedding a poll on your mobile web page has long been a quick and relatively easy way to engage your users with your content, to allow them to give you feedback about what you’ve done and to spark discussions [more…]

Build Slideshows with Flickr Gallery

As the most popular photo-sharing site on the web, Flickr has a useful mix of both proprietary and third-party tools to allow designers to insert photo galleries and slideshows on their sites. Unfortunately [more…]

Display Information with a Twitter Feed Widget

The microblogging service Twitter has been taking over the world, 140 characters at a time. All kinds of iPhone/iPad apps exist to allow the “twitterati” to update their profiles, customize which Twitter [more…]

Get Your Website Discovered with StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon, a social bookmarking site, has outlasted much of its competition. Only a few years ago, the Internet was seemingly overflowing with services, such as Blink and Backflip, that promised to allow [more…]

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