iPhone & iPad Web Design - Adding Multimedia

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Use a Video Sharing Site

Whether you want to reach people who watch video on their desktop computers at home or work, on their iPads on their living room couches, or on their iPhones wherever else they may be, the simplest way [more…]

Content Delivery Networks for Mobile Website Videos

When you look for a third party to deliver video content to your mobile users, remember that a dedicated content delivery network (CDN) provides high-end video hosting services for a price. A video sharing [more…]

Comparing Video Sharing Sites and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

When you look for a third party to deliver video content to your mobile users, remember that a dedicated content delivery network (CDN) provides high-end video hosting services for a price. A video sharing [more…]

Remove Flash from Your Mobile Website

If you’ve spent much time surfing the web on an iPhone or iPad, you probably already know that Flash doesn’t work on either device.

Sorry, but you cannot use Flash if you want your site to display well [more…]

Design a Site for Video Views

Make no mistake: Video is a key ingredient in the success of Apple’s devices. Industry experts dubbed Netflix as the killer app of the iPad because it offers the capability to stream movies in surprisingly [more…]

Popular Video Sharing Sites

As you might have figured out, video brings together all the most difficult challenges of designing for the mobile web: the plethora of screen resolutions on which to display the picture and the large [more…]

How to Embed Videos with Vimeo

After you upload your video to Vimeo, follow these steps to embed a Vimeo video in your web page. [more…]

Host Your Mobile Video on Vimeo

Vimeo delivers video to a wide range of devices, thanks to its universal player. As a web designer, you simply add a single embed code to insert the video on a page. Vimeo does all the device detection [more…]

Host Mobile Video on YouTube

For mobile web designers who don’t want to struggle to figure out whole new lexicons of technical specifications, the simplest option is to let YouTube, shown in the figure, do all the work of hosting [more…]

Insert Video Into a Mobile Web Page

If you host your videos on your own web server, you can embed them into your pages by using HTML video, audio, and source tags. Whether you host your videos yourself, use a high-end content delivery network [more…]

Audio for the Mobile Web

Getting sound to come out of an iPhone or iPad seems like a no-brainer, right? After all, they were designed to play sounds and even sync with users’ iTunes audio libraries. [more…]

Formats, File Sizes, and More Settings for Audio

As with any other multimedia, the biggest challenge arises from capabilities, bandwidths, memory, and wireless connection speeds that are uneven and unpredictable across different devices. The good news [more…]

Compare Streaming Audio, Downloads, and Podcasts

Here are some innovative ways to include audio on your mobile website. Explore the various audio settings and services that can make your designs sing [more…]

Link to Downloadable Audio Files

Providing a link so that visitors to your mobile site can download an audio file is the simplest option, especially compared to streaming audio. It's best to link to audio files rather than using the [more…]

Design Images for the iPhone and iPad

Having eye-catching images on your website is one of the best ways to attract image-conscious iPhone and iPad enthusiasts. But cramming a high-resolution image that can be blown up to poster size onto [more…]

Galleries and Slide Shows for iPhone and iPad

Many designers believe that the iPad is the ultimate portable portfolio. Many desktop websites feature galleries and slide shows. Unfortunately, many of these implementations rely on Flash to work, and [more…]

Find a Gallery Plug-in for Your Website

To make it easier for your website to display images on the iPad and iPhone, you can use an expanding array of programs, plug-ins, and online photo services to spruce up your mobile site with slide shows [more…]

Use Galleria to Build a Photo Portfolio

When designing your website to be displayed on the iPhone and iPad, you can create many different kinds of galleries and slide shows using JavaScript, but why start from scratch when many online resources [more…]

Use Rich Media Ads for Your Mobile Site

If you’re not including video, animation, and other interactive features in your iPhone and iPad designs, you’re missing out on the most innovative aspect of these new devices. [more…]

Reach Facebook’s 500 Million Users

With an Oscar-nominated movie and more than 500 million users, the social networking site that started out as Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to make Harvard’s yearbook more interactive online has become a global [more…]

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