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Get Your Mobile Site Ranked on Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites rank the popularity of web pages by the number of votes they get. The result is that these sites are excellent resources for people who want to keep up with what’s popular online [more…]

Market Your Mobile Website to the Media

The iPhone and iPad are hot topics in the media these days. When you finish designing your site for these new media devices, don’t forget to promote them to traditional media outlets. [more…]

Resize Graphics and Photos for iPad and iPhone

Resizing web images for display on the iPad and iPhone is important for two reasons: The images must be small enough to display well on a computer monitor and to download quickly to a user’s computer. [more…]

How to Optimize JPEG Images for the Web

Having eye-catching images on your website is one of the best ways to attract image-conscious iPhone and iPad enthusiasts. The JPEG format is the best choice for optimizing continuous-tone images, such [more…]

How to Optimize Web Images in PNG Formats

When you’re designing for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you need to choose the best image formats and resolution, as well as optimize your photos and other graphics. [more…]

Download Files from Galleria for Your Website

If you use Galleria to build a photo portfolio for your website to display on the iPad and iPhone, you need to download files from the Galleria website. After you have the jQuery library installed, follow [more…]

Market Your Mobile Website

The mobile web brings some exciting innovations in promotion, but also brings many challenges. Advertising on mobile devices seems, at first glance, to be a losing game. The screen is a tiny fraction of [more…]

Make Your Site Search Engine Friendly

After you go to all the trouble to make your website work well on the iPhone and iPad, don’t forget to make it search engine friendly as well. Although many of the same rules of search engine optimization [more…]

Market with SMS Messages

The length of Short Message Service (SMS), or text,messages is limited to 160 characters, so your advertising message has to be short and sweet. These messages can contain links to websites or [more…]

Connect to Customers with 2D Barcodes

2D barcodes and mobile tags are visual codes that can be scanned using any mobile phone or device equipped with a camera, an Internet connection, and an app that can read barcodes or tags. [more…]

Use Mobile Coupons for Your Website

The capability of the mobile web to deliver a coupon to the user exactly when and where it will have the most impact creates an immediate and personalized call to action that highlights one of the most [more…]

Maximizing WebKit Mobile

If you're creating a website that will be viewed in a WebKit-powered mobile device, follow these rules. A few simple steps will make your pages fast and robust, however they're viewed. [more…]

Basic Strategies for Making Websites Mobile-Friendly

Janine Warner, coauthor of Mobile Web Design For Dummies and iPhone & iPad Web Design For Dummies, talks about the general strategies for making websites, and especially online video, mobile-friendly and [more…]

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